30 November 2012

November Happened

View on my 10 mile run -Point Defiance
I almost (ALMOST!) went a whole month without a blog post.  I am not exactly consistent about blogging, but I am borderline slacker at the present moment.  So I am going to do a quick recap of my November happenings (hopefully you won't be bored to tears) and then maybe by Monday I will get my Seattle Half Marathon recap up.

I will start back on October 26th, thirteen days after my Defiance 30K race.  I decided to go for a long run that day and originally I thought about doing 15 miles.  Why?  No idea, it just seemed like a good number.  But it was raining, like pouring buckets of rain from the sky raining.  I set out with a new route in my head and my legs felt good- I wasn't pushing my pace, just nice and easy.  I was soaking wet and decided to cut it to 10 miles but then at the last minute took a route that led me to a nice 13.1 finish.  My own personal half marathon, in 2 hours and 14 minutes.  My shoes took 3 days to dry out, but in hindsight I am so glad I went the extra few miles this day because my training was about to take a nose dive.

Gotta love running in the fall!
The following week I did 2 training runs on my treadmill, one with some 800 meter sprints and one where I tried to hold a tempo pace thinking some speed work would be a good idea.  My left hip/lower back bothered me during both runs and I cut my Weds. run short because of this and did some strength work instead.  Friday I went outside for a 10 mile run, and my hip felt fine so I thought it was the treadmill irritating my hip.  On Sunday (11/4) I played indoor soccer for an hour and I could barely walk afterwards- my hip hurt really bad.  Not a good sign!

So on Monday I called up my chiropractor and went in for a visit.  My pelvis and hip bones were all jumbled up so she adjusted me and asked me for a follow up later that week.  Meanwhile, no running and definitely no soccer.  Ugh.

Jill, Chelsea, Zoe, me, Kerrie and Mel
On Thursday the 8th I went to Southcenter and had dinner with some friends that I have met through the blogging world.  I really enjoy hanging out with these ladies, it is a fun group to be a part of.  We ate at BJ's and sat around chatting for a couple of hours.  Good times.

Mel brought me my gold spike from our first place win at the
Rainier to Ruston relay last June!!  It is awesome!
On Friday the 9th we went to see the school production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  It was very cute, and afterwards a huge group of people went to The Spaghetti Factory to celebrate since lots of Devan's friends were in the play.  I was not feeling very good- a bit overheated and nauseous.  I stood up thinking I should get some fresh air but also thinking maybe I shouldn't head out alone since I felt very dizzy.  The last thing I remember is saying "I don't feel good" and then waking up to Will staring at me with a very concerned look on his face.  I had fainted, in front of about 40 friends and I just wanted to die.  How embarrassing. 

I have fainted many times, but it has not happened for 2 1/2 years.  I could tell it was happening but it was in such a weird environment I didn't know what to do.  I have been to doctors and what I do know is that I am not anemic but I do have very low blood pressure.  And possibly the combination of being hungry and warm just led to me fainting.  After that we went home and I went to bed.  Anyone else out there have fainting spells?     

Ok, so just to recap- I now have a bum hip and I have fainted- not exactly the ideal body to continue training for a half marathon!  I skipped soccer on Sunday -not that anybody would have let me play even if I wanted to.  I went in to see the chiropractor again on Monday- she assured me that after one more visit I should be good to go, so I made it for Friday the 16th after getting home from 5th grade camp.

We got the Eagle cabin- the only one right on the water!
Yes, November 14-16th I went with my daughter to 5th grade camp at Camp Seymour.  I spent 3 days and 2 nights hanging out with 10 year olds and going to science classes, dissecting squid and playing with snakes.  I spent both nights as a chaperon in a cabin with 7 girls and 1 other adult- wow oh wow are those girls loud!!  It was a lot of fun and I am so glad I decided to go.  Fifth graders are hilarious by the way, and if you get a chance to go with your child to camp- go!

Devan and her mad archery skills
I loved visiting the snakes!
Upon return I went to the chiropractor for the 4th time in 2 weeks- she gave me the all clear and to come back only if I needed it.  Hooray!  So on Saturday November 17th I went to Devan's soccer game in the morning,  saw Breaking Dawn in the afternoon and then finally that evening went for a 6 mile run that didn't hurt.  Except mentally- it was raining and dark so it was on the treadmill.  Yuck.  But I ran for the first time in 2 weeks and it didn't suck and I was hopeful that my hip would be ok.

The next day I played soccer in the evening- yes I am a glutton for punishment.  But my body held up and we didn't have any subs so I played the entire game.  I call that a WIN.  The week leading up to the half marathon I did 6 miles on Tuesday and then on Thanksgiving my hubby and I headed out for 4 miles around the neighborhood.  It is always a nice treat to run with him- my mom had the kids so we took advantage of that. 

We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's house, it was very relaxing and the food was really good.  On black Friday I sat in my pajamas most of the day and watched it rain.  I did a bit of online shopping and had no desire to venture out into retail hell.  Next up- Amica Seattle Half Marathon recap!!!

Anybody score some amazing Black Friday deals?  I went one year and it was horrible so I swore to never do it again!  I had a shopping/sleep deprived hangover for about 3 days.  I did manage to get the one thing I wanted but I would rather pay the extra $40 and not have to deal with crazy madness!           


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  1. I didn't realize you were sidelined there for a bit. Glad you were able to run the half!