13 May 2011

Rainy Running

The view where we started our rainy run- Les Davis Pier
HOORAY!  I finally have my computer back in one fully charged, non virusy piece.  Yes, I probably made that word up.  Computer hackers are my new enemy.  I ended up with a virus on my computer that basically made it look like my entire hard drive was non existent and they were trying to get me to pay money fix it through their little scam.  Good thing I am a smart cookie and didn't fall for it.  And thank you to all my computer friends out there who spent time trying to help me, especially to John M. and John W. -and a huge thank you to John W. for actually removing the virus and putting my computer back into functional order.  So now I am back into bloggy bliss!  A week without a computer is way too long. 

So this is my big week, the peak of my training for the June 5th marathon at NODM.  I will be running 40 miles this week for a total of 110 miles in 19 days.  Yikes!  I am happy to report that my body is handling the miles quite well, however I am kind of ready to taper.  I am starting to get nervous about another injury happening this close to race day.  So I have been cutting back a bit on my other workouts and just focusing on running for now.  Next week I will get back into my boxing class and lifting weights a bit more consistently.
Before our run- this will be awesome!
So remember my hot, hilly run last week with my friend Alyssa?  Well, she joined me for my 10 mile run a couple days ago and it couldn't have been more different as far as weather goes!  It was pouring down rain, windy and actually a bit chilly!  We met at the Les Davis Pier down on Ruston Way at 1:30pm and set off on our lovely run.  I wore my running jacket, a tech shirt, running tights and some shorts over the top.  And my hat of course. 

We saw some baby geese, and one of our regular customers along the way.  We dashed over the train tracks even though the red lights were flashing and we could SEE the train coming.  But it was pretty far away and I didn't feel like waiting for it.  I know, I know.  We lived!  The look on Alyssa's face was priceless though.  I think she thought we were going to die haha. 

Overall I was about as comfortable as can be for running in the torrential downpour we experienced- I was completely soaked by the end and could have rung out my entire outfit!  But for some reason I like running in the rain.  My energy level was good and I pushed our pace to keep around a 9 min mile.  Which we did exactly- 10 miles in 90 minutes!
Done!  Don't make fun of our hat hair! 

Our wet, muddy feet!!!
Today I was able to go over to Scott and Meredith's house to meet their new baby Cole.  He is super cute and slept in my arms for the whole hour I was holding him.  I forgot how little a new baby can be!  He was born on May 2nd so he is only 11 days old.  Congrats guys! 

That's all for now, I am heading off to play soccer in an hour.  Just wanted to give you all a quick update and let you know that tomorrow morning I am going to be running my first 20 miles EVER and I am nervous, excited and ready.  I will give a full report in a day or two.  Also- good luck to one of my running buddies Cynthia!  She is running her second marathon in Boise tomorrow and has been training like a mad woman for it- you are going to kill it!  I will be thinking of you as I am trying to finish my 20 :)

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  1. Aww thanks!!! This makes me all warm and fuzzy :)
    Can't wait to read all about your 20 miles! I will think of you too as I'm running, I know you will kick butt!