16 December 2011

Red and White and Glittery

Tomorrow morning I will be running Frosty's 5K  at the Santa Runs Tacoma race down on Dock Street.  It's the same course as the St. Patty Day run, so I have technically run this exact race 3 times:

St. Patty Day 2010- 29:58
Santa Run 2010- 27:52
St. Patty Day 2011- 25:02

I have been knocking some serious time off of those 5K's each time!  I have not really been training for a 5k, but I am sure hoping to squeak in under 25 minutes.  I appreciated a post from (Just) Trying is for Little Girls reminding me that 5K PR's HURT!  Right.  But it is totally worth it.  Right??  Pain is just weakness leaving the body. 

I will be running with a fun group of bloggers as part of the Candy Cane Gang- it is going to be a blast!  Some of the ladies running will be Mel- Tall Mom, Kerrie- Mom vs Marathon, Kim-(Just) Trying is for Little Girls, Run, Zoey, Run and quite a few more from the Team Will Run for Ice Cream.  We will be sporting our red Team Sparkle skirts and red/white striped socks.  Here is a preview of the rest of my outfit:
white skirt, white arm sleeves, striped socks, decked out hat to stay warm! 
And our nifty gloves that actually fit this year!  Do you think I will look
like a candy cane gang member???
  Have an amazing weekend!  Anybody else out there doing a fun holiday race dressed in festive gear?


  1. Love the outfit!! You will rock that 5k! Sub 25 is totally yours!
    I'm doing a 10k fun run tomorrow but it's not chip timed and I just plan to run it with some girls here with no time in mind.

  2. Sounds totally fun. Love the festive attire. :) Where do you all live that you can run a race together like that...jealous!