04 May 2012

I'll Have a Double!

Look what I found at the Tacoma Expo!
I am doing my first double header this weekend- 2 half marathons in 2 days!  I know I can finish them, and I am actually kind of happy to know that I don't have to RACE them.  This weekend is about endurance and testing my mind and body's limits.  The weather is supposed to be amazing (about time!) and Saturday's course will be scenic and new while Sunday's course will be familiar and comforting in the sense that I could just run right on home if I decide to call it quits (KIDDING!!!).  Anyways, I have both of my race bibs in my possession and am ready to run.

Here is a little preview of my outfit for tomorrow's Cinco De Mayo run in Snoqualmie.  I will be running with Alyssa and Paul (her boyfriend) and for the first time in quite a while I will not have my hubby there cheering me on. 

Can't decide between blue and pink socks!  I am leaning towards pink. 
My daughter wants me to wear one of each!
And here is a peak at my outfit for Sunday's race in Tacoma- the race that will qualify me for Jupiter status in the Half Fanatics! 

First race in official half fanatic gear!
I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend and get to spend some time out in the sunshine.  And good luck to all of my friends who are also racing this weekend- run fast, run happy and ENJOY!!!


  1. Have fun! Can't wait to read all about your recaps! You will do awesome!!

  2. Have a fun weekend and love your outfits!

  3. I saw that shoe guy today and I had NO IDEA what he was! They need to work on that costume...! Way to ROCK IT today!

  4. great job tiffany! I had a great time running this weekend with you. it was like old times! We need more :)