15 October 2010


I did it.  Wednesday I went to REI and purchased a pair of Vibram FiveFingers Treksports.  They look identical to the ones in the picture above.  I have been contemplating this for months and I figure that now is the perfect time.  I am not currently on a training plan for an upcoming race so I can slowly build up my tolerance for running in them.  I am hoping to do the 10 mile race in Maui with them on my happy feet!  If you want a little background/info on this type of shoe here is a link, or just google it.  There is a TON of info out there about the pros and cons of these types of shoes.

I have worn them around my house for a total of 2 1/2 hours now and I think my feet are getting used to them.  They definitely work different muscles in your feet and calves!  I will keep wearing them casually over the weekend and am hoping to do a short run in them by Monday.  Of course I will be keeping you posted on my progress.  They are supposed to improve my form, help prevent injury and eventually knock some time off of my pace as well.  Which would be nice!

Last weekend we headed down to Portland to support Cynthia while she ran her first marathon.  It was kind of strange being on the spectator side of things and not actually running.  Although I didn't envy her one bit- the weather was TERRIBLE!  Absolutely poured down rain the entire time.  We decided the best thing for me to do was meet up with her around mile 10.5 at one of the aid stations and run back to the hotel with her, which was right at mile 14.  I stood in the pouring down rain, freezing cold for about 45 minutes before she ran by and I could hop in and get warmed up!  It was really cool to be with her at the halfway point (13.1)- I gave her a big high five and told her that was my favorite part of every run.  Halfway. 

Saying goodbye to Cynthia at the 14 mile marker.  It was pouring rain but we still have smiles on our faces!

 When I left her I gave her a hug and off she went.  She ended up having some trouble with her knee but finished with a great time of 4:48:22!  It was interesting watching all the finishers- some were really serene, some happy, some were crying and in obvious pain, some had tears of relief and joy- but they all had this aura of accomplishment.  I want that.  I want to say that I ran a marathon.  I wasn't 100% sure until I experienced what happened in Portland last weekend.  But now I am sure.

But first things first.  I need a stronger, slightly smaller body to make my goal a little easier.  I have been doing really well making my exercise program a priority.  I haven't missed a workout yet!  I will count today as my first official "Friday weigh in" at home.  The gym scale is an old fashioned one, while mine at home is electronic.

10/15/10-  155 lbs


  1. I kinda feel a little famous I'm in a lot of your blogs :) I like it. Plus I think I should get the award for commenting the most too haha.
    BTW good job down 1 pound woohoo!

  2. Well, you are my BRF and all so that does make you famous! And yes, I appreciate the comments. Makes me feel loved :) Thanks, hopefully the pattern continues. One pound at a time...

  3. Yeah comments are nice...if you're freaking blog wasn't broken like mine is! You gals are doing great! I'll be with you on a half next year, I just know it!

  4. Well, now your blog is all fixed and I can express myself freely in your comment box! And you had better be there with us!!! You can totally do it.