29 October 2010

Pumpkins, Cupcakes and Jello

I can't believe that October is almost over already!  How does time go so quickly?  For example, yesterday was Niko's 5th birthday.  My baby is 5 years old.  That seems impossible!  But it is true, my babies are no longer babies really, which is exciting and sad all at once.  We had a birthday party for him last weekend at Chuck E Cheese and he seemed to really enjoy himself.  However, I will NOT be planning a birthday party at 1pm on a Saturday at Chuck E Cheese ever again.  I clearly lost my mind when I decided that was a good plan.  It was sooooo busy there!!! 
Birthday boy at Chuck E Cheese

I took a week off of running because my knee (the other one this time) was really bothering me last week, especially at soccer.  It would be nice if my body would cooperate with me a little more and stop with all these aches and pains.  However, it is nice to do some different activities- I climbed 100 flights of stairs on Monday along with an upper body workout, did boxing class Tuesday and Thursday and this morning I tried a new class called Advanced Circuit.  It was awesome, there was a bunch of stations set up and when we were done my whole body felt like it was made out of jello.  I will definitely be taking that class again! 

10/29/2010- 152 lbs (same as last week- weight is so weird)

***Happy Birthday to my friend Sarah on 10/27***

Some of my favorite things about her:
1.  She is very easy going, yet will always speak her mind
2.  She loves sushi as much as I do
3.  I have known her since high school and she is married to Scott, whom I have known since 1st grade-     they are the classic "high school sweathearts" and are an awesome couple
4.  She is a fellow twilighter, although she prefers Jacob.  I forgive her.
5.  She came with us to Sequim to cheer me on during my first half marathon.
6.  She made me amazing cupcakes for my birthday, even though she couldn't be there. 

Devan, Jaime, me, Cynthia, Sarah and Izaiah after the North Olympic Discovery Half Marathon. 
Jaime and Sarah made all of our fabulous signs!

My birthday cupcakes that Sarah made- they were awesome!


  1. You are an awesome mommy and friend. October is almost over but there is so much more ahead of us! I can't wait!

  2. Thanks Tiff. Been super busy too. This was the first opportunity I had to read this. We should all strive to be easygoing yet opinionated. Not really sure that I have accomplished this as well as you might think. I appreciate the love though.