09 April 2011

All Carbed Up With No Place To Go

Today I was scheduled to run 15 miles.  I was a bit nervous but also excited- it would be my longest run ever.  However, on Thursday during my workout and run my left ankle bone felt bruised and kind of achy.  I figured it would go away and be fine after a day of rest since my right ankle bone felt the exact same way last week then felt fine after a day or two.  I have found that I get odd aches and pains in my feet while running in my minimalistic shoes, which I assume is normal as my feet build their strength and adjust to them. 

So I rested yesterday, staying off of my feet as much as possible.  I carb loaded appropriately with a bagel, oatmeal and a pb and j sandwich throughout the day.  I convinced myself it was slowly feeling better.  I would poke it, rub it...checking to make sure it was less tender than an hour ago.  When I went to bed I was convinced it was going to magically heal in the next 8 hours and my run was going to be amazing.  My route was planned, the weather was good, my carb loading was in place- surely my body would not let me down!

I woke up this morning and stepped out of bed.  It didn't hurt, so that was good.  I ate my standard meal prior to running farther than 10 miles- a cliff bar with peanut butter and a banana and a couple shots of espresso.  Hey, I have a sensitive system so why mess with something that works right?  As I sat there poking at my ankle bone I remembered one of my New Year's resolutions- listen to my body to prevent injury.  Right.  No french fries, no candy...and today- no running. 

To say I am disappointed is the understatement of the year.  But I am hoping it really is just like the other ankle bone and feels 100% tomorrow (in which case I will do my run).  Otherwise I will just rest until Tuesday and resume my training schedule from there.  Better safe than sorry, I would definitely rather miss one run then chance having to take a week or more off.  I am not going to lie.  I have had the urge to throw my gear on and head out the door about 20 times this morning.  I fought the urge each time, which is probably why I am still in my pj's while I type this.  I didn't want to get too close to my workout clothes!!  I was finally able to finish one of the books I have been reading though.  All morning I kept looking at the clock thinking about where I would be if I was out running.  I have issues.  But I listened to my body and it said don't run today.  Fine.  Today the ankle wins, but hopefully tomorrow- I win.     

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