16 April 2011

The Week That Wasn't

Soooo...I last left you with a story of my lovely 15 mile run.  After that run my ankle was still bothering me (duh) and although it didn't get worse, running on it for 2.5 hours didn't magically heal it.  So I have been resting it all week the best I can waiting for the day when I wake up and it feels back to normal.  And by resting it I mean I have not been RUNNING on it.  I just cannot take an entire week off of everything! 

So I went to yoga on Monday morning and Tuesday I did an upper body free weight workout plus 45 minutes on the elliptical (so boring- shoot me now!).  Wednesday I rested.  But Thursday I couldn't take it anymore and hit the gym for a leg workout and 60 minutes on the elliptical.  Then last night we had soccer so I went ahead and played keeper for the entire game.  We played a team that is technically in C league but they were very nice and it was a really fun game.  We lost 6-10 which isn't too bad considering how amazing some of the players were on the team.  I had a hard time watching the ball a few times because their footwork was so good!  A couple of the players on the other team told me I was doing a good job playing keeper so that made me feel good. 

I have been doing some research into my sore ankle and am pretty sure what I have is a deep bruise in my left outer ankle bone.  I have been using compression all week, icing and resting and I think it has finally started healing.  There really isn't much else you can do aside from just giving it a chance to heal by staying off of it.  Ugh.  I went and bought some bromelain which aids in healing bruises and also something called The Rub which is good for sore muscles and bruises.  Today it feels about 75% better than even yesterday. 

So I am officially taking one week of running off, starting last Monday and (fingers crossed) hopefully ending Tuesday morning with a 4 miler.  I will just continue my plan and forget last weeks 4, 8 and 5 milers.  And the 16 miler I should be doing as I type this.  This will be known as "the week that wasn't" in my training plan.  Oh well, life goes on.  I am somewhat over it. 

Just a quick update, nothing else too exciting right now.  I am heading to the gym for a good sweat session- I at least need to keep my cardio up so I will be hitting the spin bike and elliptical machine for a 2 hour cardio workout.  I am thinking 45 on the bike, 45 on the elliptical then finish it off with 30 on the spin bike or stair climber if my ankle can tolerate it.  Fun times!!! 


  1. Sad :( But better to take it easy.
    Do you think it is from using more minimalist shoes? So weird though. Do your New Balances have any sort of support? They aren't as minimal as the other ones you have right?

  2. The New Balance do have more support in them and they are a road running shoe. I have a feeling I maybe rolled my ankle at some point and irritated it. Then ran on it a bunch. It is doing much better today. Going to attempt a run tomorrow. fingers crossed!