15 August 2011

Run Less Run Faster

My new running bible!
With my 2 major running events for the summer behind me (the marathon and Ragnar) I suddenly found myself in great running condition but without any sort of game plan or training agenda.  What was next on my list?  What was I hoping to accomplish this Fall??  I have been toying with a few things, such as becoming a HALF FANATIC and running a sub 2 half marathon while I am at it- but I just simply couldn't make up my mind! 

I generated an absolutely enormous (and expensive) list of half marathons I would like to run.  I just couldn't decide what my game plan should be.  Then my hubby decided he wanted to run a half marathon as well- which is very exciting!  So I gave him my list and asked him which one he would like to run, hoping somehow that would help me figure out what to do.  He selected the North County Wine Run which is on October 1st- it is located in Battle Ground, WA and begins and ends at a local vineyard.  The course looks beautiful and it will be fun to run his first half marathon with him.  I have selected 2 more half marathons for Fall, but I will keep those a secret for just a bit longer :)

I also began a new type of training plan based on the book Run Less Run Faster (RLRF) which I am really enjoying.  I am in my 3rd week right now and I think it is just what I needed to help me continue to improve my running.  I was finding myself running very close to the same pace for every single run I did- I had hit my running "plateau"!  This book uses three key types of runs each week as well as 2 focused cross training workouts.  There is the option to add in a 3rd cross training if you choose and they also encourage strength training and stretching for a complete program.   

Today I took my yoga class at the gym (stretching) and then did Cross Training #1- Spin bike:  5 minute easy warm up, 30 minute at 100+ RPM's with mild resistance (just enough to break a sweat) then a 5 minute cool down.  This helps to increase overall fitness and work on my leg turnover rate- 100 RPM's is no joke- while still resting my running muscles.  I will go into detail about each type of key run and cross training as I do them this week.

This is an 18 week training plan that is ultimately leading me to Rock and Roll Las Vegas on December 4th, where hopefully I can run my sub 2 hour half marathon.  That freaks me out just typing it, but I know that goal is attainable for me.  Run less, run faster.  Run less, run faster.  I think I can, I think I can. 

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  1. I have this book and love it, although I don't have anything handy to cross train on except an elliptical which they don't recommend. So maybe someday I will follow it.