27 August 2011

You wanna know how to make me smile?

Fro-yo at Gibson's- vanilla yogurt with strawberries, kiwis, pineapple, blueberries and walnuts!
I have been trying to get to this post all week, but with this beautiful weather we have FINALLY been getting here in the Pacific Northwest heading outside has definitely trumped sitting in front of my computer!  So where should I begin...how about with a picture of my latest obsession- Gibson's Frozen Yogurt Shoppe which I have visited THREE TIMES in one week!!!  At least it is somewhat healthy since I have only allowed myself to put fruit and nuts on top.  Ok, and a couple of gummy bears one time- but only after I ran 7 miles!!  If you live in the Tacoma area go have some fro-yo at this yummy new shop in town.

I am registered for the You Go Girl Half Marathon on September 18th and I am excited to be running it for the second year in a row.  I have a couple of outfit ideas - I am just waiting to see what the weather might be like before I make a final decision.  Last year it rained, but who knows- it might be 80 degrees this year!  My friend Alyssa is running it as well which will be fun, and I know there are a lot of local bloggers who are also racing.  I will be missing my old running buddy Cynthia though, this was one of the races we did together last year and it won't be the same without her.  Darn Boise for being so far from Tacoma!
Cynthia and I before the You Go Girl last year- it was raining outside so we were killing
time in the house before heading out the door!
After the race!
Yesterday was mine and Will's 11 year anniversary and we were able to enjoy a night out together while my BFF Jaime took the kids for overnight (thank you!).  We went and hung out on the sundeck at Masa before heading over to Marrow- a new restaurant on 6th Ave- for dinner.  The atmosphere was great, it was very relaxed and the service was amazing.  They offer two menus- one called marrow for the meat eaters, and on the back one called arrow for vegetarians.  Perfect for me (carnivore) and my hubby (herbivore)!  We had the beer battered avocado and melon appetizer (yum) and for dinner I chose the marrow burger (quite possibly the best burger I have ever eaten. seriously) and Will had the cheese plate which he said was good.  I was wishing for a second stomach because I couldn't finish my burger and I really wanted to keep eating it.  Perfect spot for date night or just to go make your taste buds extremely happy! 

We then headed to the movie theater and watched Don't Be Afraid of the Dark which I liked and found to be rather creepy but Will said it was kind of cheesy.  It made me remember how when I was a little girl I was always afraid there was something scary under my bed that would grab my leg if I got too close.  So I would run and jump onto it to keep safe.  Which doesn't make all that much sense- why would I run and jump onto something if I thought a monster was under it?  Anyways...after that we finished off the night at E-9 playing a bit of trivia and visiting with a friend.  Always nice to have an adult evening!

This morning we headed out for a 9 mile run and I wanted to head down to Point Defiance to do some trail running.  I went for a run one time with a couple of friends on the trails down there and had a great time but have been hesitant to go by myself.  I was nervous about getting lost I suppose.  So I figured it would be perfect for Will and I to run together- if we got lost it wouldn't really matter!

We decided to just start off at our house and run down Pearl Street to the park entrance which is about 2 miles away.  My training plan called for a 9:39 pace but I knew I wouldn't be able to keep that up easily on the trails so I just decided to take it easy and stay at Will's pace.  And besides that- Will's training plan only called for 7 miles so I think we both compromised a little!  Once we arrived at the park it was really busy and there was even a wedding being set up in the rose gardens which is where our ceremony was! 
August 26th, 2000
August 27th, 2011- A wedding happening during our 9 mile run!
We hit the trails and and decided to follow the yellow triangle trail.  There were a few spots where large trees had fallen across the trail so we had to climb up or duck under them which was kind of fun- a miniature obstacle course along the way!  It was really fun running the trails and the miles flew by quickly.  Once we found the end of the trail and popped out on the road (still in the park) we were at 6.75 miles or so which was perfect.  We stopped really quick to refill water bottles and make a pit stop and headed back for home. 

7 miles into our run- I couldn't resist the photo opportunity
with the wedding in the background!
Hot and sweaty runner girl!
As we ran back past the rose gardens the wedding ceremony was happening and I couldn't resist the photo opportunity- 11 years ago that was us getting married and today we were running 9 miles together in the exact same spot.  Pretty cool.  The rest of the run home was 2 miles back up Pearl Street- which is basically one really long, never ending hill.  My legs were jello and the temperature had definitely climbed up to about 80 by that point- which is hot around here!  We finished about 1/4 mile from home and did a cool down walk the rest of the way.  Overall- a fun, exhausting long run for the week!  Last year Will followed me on his bike while I ran 12 miles so it was great to have him as an actual running buddy this year!     
The stats from our run- see the lovely elevation changes?  So fun though!
Wondering how the title of my blog post fits into this whole thing?  It is a line from a song that I am completely obsessed with right now.  At first I couldn't quite put my finger on where I had heard it and then I remembered- it was the song the Rainbow Socks Girls (a ragnar team) played on their boombox -they even had a little dance to it!  Listen to it HERE -but I warn you it is kind of addicting!  Love it.


  1. This was a great weekend!! Those trails were awesome. Thanks for not ditching me too bad!! Eventhough I don't mind running behind you...hahaha

  2. Aww I sooo wish I was running it this year. Stupid move! :(
    I won't forget the fun we had taking pics at my house and me sticking my butt too far out in the first pic haha. Then sitting in our car cause it was raining till the last possible minute. I miss racing with you!!!!

    Happy Anniversary to you guys! What a great way to spend it!

    The froyo looks yummy!! I love to put strawberries and mangos in mine. I love mango sorbet or raspberry sorbet flavors too.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Glad I could help by watching the kiddos. Thank you for inspiring me!