12 September 2011

Out of Whack

First day of school!  Niko started Kindergarten and Devan started 4th grade!
Wow, has it really been 2 weeks since my last blog post???  Where has the time gone?  The kids started school on September 1st so we have been busy getting into our new routines and work schedules!  I am finding myself running/working out at very different times than I am used to- for example last Thursday I was scheduled to work 11am-7:30pm and on my training plan I was supposed to run 8 miles.  I had to drop the kids off at 9am so my options were to get up extremely early and do it on my treadmill, rush home at 9am and do it before work or get it done after work. 

I chose to do it after work and found myself running on my treadmill at 9pm at night in my hot and stuffy treadmill room after an extremely long day that started at 7:30am.  It was terrible- I am not a fan of running in such conditions mostly because I like to actually ENJOY my run!  The only good part about that particular training run was that I hit my tempo goal pace which was 6 miles at a 9:05/mile rate.  And I probably lost an entire pound in just sweat, which I promptly gained back as I then decided to have a bowl of ice cream for dinner.  Ice cream makes everything better :)

So, short story long or long story short (you decide) I have not been writing in my blog because my schedule is all out of whack.  My eating schedule, my sleeping schedule, my running schedules are all over the place- as soon as my body gets it all figured out and I don't feel like taking a nap every time I sit down I will be back to fill in the gaps on my crazy life! 

I have been keeping up with my Run Less, Run Faster training plan and getting all of my cross training in which is awesome.  I have not been able to get to my usual yoga class for a couple of weeks but I am going to go to a new class tonight at my gym because I miss it!  Soccer has also started up again and we had our first game Saturday which was SO much fun!  I am going to take my training easy for the next 3 weeks.  Well, except for the 3 half marathons on my calendar!!  Yes, that is correct- I am signed up for 3 half marathons over the course of 13 days in order to qualify to become a HALF FANATIC!! 

Here is my race list and times- come cheer me on if you are around!!

Sunday, September 18th- You Go Girl 1/2 marathon starts at 8:45am downtown Tacoma, WA

Sunday, September 25th- Black Diamond 1/2 Marathon starts at 9:05am at Nolte State Park, just     north of Enumclaw, WA

Saturday, October 1st- North County Wine Run 1/2 Marathon starts at 10:00am at Rusty Grape Vineyard near Battleground, WA

That is all I have time for, the kiddos have interrupted me about 30 times since I started typing this so hopefully it is grammatically correct and makes some sort of sense!!  Time for me to go make some dinner and hit the gym!

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  1. Your daughter looks exactly like you! Good luck with your upcoming runs! I'm scheduled for my first 1/2 marathon on Oct 30th!