06 February 2012

Smelling the Roses

On top of the Narrow's Bridge
My "long" run last Friday according to my training plan was 6 miles at a pace of 8:56.  However, when I woke up to sunny blue skies I decided it was time to head out for a leisurely and enjoyable 10 miler over the Narrows Bridge.  The last time I ran over 8 miles during a run was on December 4th at the Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half Marathon!  Holy smokes.  It was time to make sure I still had double digits in my legs!

Warm enough for bare legs!!
I headed out right before noon, once the sun was up and it felt nice and warm outside.  I wore my new Brooks PureConnects shoes, a Skirt Sports running skirt, a Nike tech tshirt and my Asics arm sleeves and felt comfortable the entire run.  Arm sleeves are great because I was warm for a little bit but then over the bridge was chilly so I could pull them up or slide them down as needed.  Love them.  And I am still loving the new shoes too- they were awesome for all 10 miles. 

I headed down 6th avenue towards War Memorial Park, and as I passed one of the bus stops this guy starts saying "hey there beautiful.  come over here beautiful" then after I went past I heard him comment on my nice booty.  Awesome- I wonder if he would have paid for my bus fare if I had decided to join him?  Tempting!  Not.  I just pretended like I couldn't hear him and picked up my pace a bit.

The bridge view from War Memorial Park
I snapped a few photos from War Memorial Park and also while I was running over the bridge.  It was such a perfect day for a run, I couldn't believe I didn't see more runner's on the bridge.  I saw a few bicyclists and some walkers but that was all.  Mount Rainier was beautiful in the distance and the view from the bridge was well worth the hills involved while running the route I chose. 

Amazing view from the top of the bridge
My main goal was to hit 10 miles and remember why I love to run.  I didn't want to "hate" any portion of the run and just wanted it to feel easy and peaceful.  I didn't stare at my Garmin analyzing my pace or trying to figure out if I would be hitting any magic preset number with each mile.  It was wonderful.  I recommend just leaving your garmin home sometimes or just not caring what your pace and splits are and just run for fun.  Because you love it and it takes you somewhere beautiful and enjoyable.  'Stop and smell the roses' so to speak.  I did, and they smelled fantastic!!

View of Tacoma from the Gig Harbor side of the bridge.
Total Distance: 10 miles   Total Time:  1:37    Pace:  9:42

Enjoying my run and being a cheeseball
I was happy with my performance, the 10 miles felt great and I could have kept going easily.  I need to sneak in 2-3 more long runs between now and April 7th because I will be running a half marathon that day without actually doing a training plan for one.  Hmmm.  That is not like me one bit, but I think I can make it work!

This week I am going to step my training up a notch.  I will start phase 2 of P90X2 and also increase my paces for my 5K training plan from 25:20 to 25:00.  I think I am ready and it can't hurt to give it a try.  Tomorrow I will test it out, on the plan is 10x400 meters in 1:51 (a 7:24 pace) instead of 1:52 (7:28 pace).  And in place of X2 Core I will be doing  X2 Chest+Back+Balance after my run.  Still loving P90X2!!  And I am getting a bit antsy to run a race- not sure if I can wait until March 17th.  I may need to get my fix before then- anybody know a good local 5K this month?!? 


  1. Great pictures! Can you believe this weather? Of course, I could do without the wind. But I wore short sleeves on my run yesterday! In February!

  2. Your pictures are great! The ones I took on Sunday were awful, my phone takes terrible pictures.
    Magnuson Park has a race President's Day weekend. I am running the 10K in a 5K/10K race at Seward Park put on by Fitness for Vitality. That run is super small and fun. It is on Feb. 26th.

  3. Love the pictures so pretty, I miss running there. And miss running with you! Remember the first time we ran over the narrows bridge and how badass we felt :)? Ahh good memories. Oh and then it started raining like crazy and people were looking at us like we were crazy haha.

    Can't wait to run with you in April! You will do awesome! I bet this no pressure race will make for an awesome time!