30 January 2012

Taking the Brooks PureConnect on a Run

So after my fantastic track workout last Monday my week went downhill in a hurry.  On Tuesday my energy was low but I pushed through P90X2's Plyocide (which is my favorite FYI) and I just wasn't feeling it.  By Wednesday morning it all made sense- I headed to work at 6:30am feeling worse than I have felt in a very long time.  I actually wanted to cry because I just wanted to lay down in bed instead of go to work- normally I can just suck it up when it comes to being sick but I just felt plain awful.  Luckily a few hours later I was able to head home and rest.  That day is mostly a blur!  I do know that I missed my tempo run as well as X2 Total Body and Ab Ripper.

I also got my Thursday shift at work covered- I wasn't sure how I would be feeling but I did know for sure I should not be contaminating the public or my coworkers with this horrible cold.  Anyways I did feel a tad better when I woke up on Thursday so I headed to the mall after lunchtime to try on a new pair of running shoes I had my eye on.  Because darn it, if I couldn't go for a run I would do the next best thing- shop for new running gear!  I found the Brooks PureConnects at Nordstrom's and really liked how they felt on my feet. 

My new shoes- Brooks PureConnect.  Aren't they pretty?
They have the same heel drop (4mm) as the Saucony Kinvara 2's (my current preferred shoe) but felt a bit more bouncy and had a definite arch, which felt good on my feet.  They did seem a bit narrow but then again the salesman tied those shoes on my feet so tightly I thought my feet would fall off!  I don't know if I am weird or what, but I like my shoes to be almost loose- otherwise my feet fall asleep.  They felt better when I loosened the laces up quite a bit.  They didn't carry the pretty new purple color but I decided the blue and white would match a lot of my running clothes so I went ahead and got them.

Thursday was a technical rest day for me so I didn't miss any workouts.  Friday I was set to do a 7 mile run at my long tempo pace (8:56) as well as X2 Yoga, and I was really happy when I woke up Friday morning to pretty blue skies and a body that felt almost back to normal.  I waited until around noon to head out for my run so that the sun would actually feel warm, but then had the dilemma of what the heck to wear.  Would I be too hot?  Too cold?  Shoot.  I probably spent 20 minutes changing my mind over and over.  I finally opted for capri tights, my running skirt, a sleeveless tech shirt and a long sleeve pullover.  I also wore my new shoes (of course!) and a hat to keep the sun out of my eyeballs. 

Ready for my sunshine run!
I set out to do a 1 mile out and back from my house just to be sure the shoes were not going to irritate my feet- when I got back to my house the shoes felt great but I was really warm so I decided to ditch my long sleeve shirt.  I didn't want to waste time changing into a tshirt so I headed out in my sleeveless top hoping I would keep warm enough, and I did.  The sun felt great and so did my energy, which surprised me.  I wasn't trying too hard to hit my goal pace, since I was still a bit sick, but I was feeling just fine and my pace felt challenging but not hard. 
Total distance- 7 miles  Total time- 62 minutes   Average pace- 8:53 (goal 8:56) 

I was happy with the performance of my new shoes.  The Pure Connects have several key features that I really appreciate, especially after taking them on a couple of runs.  There is a "split toe" in front that allows the big toe to move separately from the other toes which helps with balance and push off.  Another feature is the "nav band" that runs over the instep and helps the shoe fit like a glove- this is probably why the shoe feels narrow, it almost hugs your foot.  I think this feature actually helped keep me from pronating -I usually have to really concentrate on my step to keep from doing that but these shoes really encourage a natural foot strike.  I feel like the shoe is a nice balance between minimal and supportive and so far I really like them!  Anybody else out there wearing these?  What do you think?

Anyways, after my run on Friday I decided to skip yoga- I had my mind set on another crazy project!  We decided to move my son into the smaller "treadmill/pantry/coat closet" spare room and create our own home gym in his bigger bedroom.  We have been talking about doing something like this for a while now, mostly about building an actual room in the backyard but this seemed much easier (and cheaper) and darn it- who doesn't like instant gratification?? 

One side of the new 'home gym'
It took many hours Friday afternoon/night as well as most of Saturday to complete the process but we now have our very own "home gym" in our house!  My son is thrilled with his cozy new room as well, and it forced us to go through a lot of junk that had been piling up.  Win-win-win all around!  There are still some details that need to be worked out and a few pieces of equipment we want to acquire but for now- it's AWESOME!!! 

The other side.  It is still a bit cluttery in there, but it is going to be great!
So I also missed my X2 Power and Balance on Saturday, but I did get to play soccer that night.  And Sunday I thought I may make something up but decided to just rest and start the week over on Monday.  I guess P90X2 is going to be at least P97X2 for me-oh well, what can a sick runner girl do?!?   


  1. Love the shoes! I just got the Pure Flows and am so in love with them and all their pretty colors!

  2. i like the new shoes! Im thinking it's about to start looking for some new ones soon. :)