08 March 2012

Faster than a 7:47

Modeling my new jacket- getting sassy and pumping myself up before my "big" run
If you have ever followed a training plan you know that there is always the "big" run, the one that is most similar to your race and the biggest indicator of how you will perform on race day.  For the half marathon it is usually 2 weeks before the big day and it is generally somewhere between 11 and 13 miles, then the taper begins.  For my marathon training it was the big 20 mile run (read about that HERE ) and for my 5K training plan it was my track repeats that were scheduled for earlier this week on Monday. 

I was actually looking forward to this particular run- it called for a warm up, 3x 1 mile repeats at a 7:47 pace (60 second rest intervals between) then a 1 mile cool down.  It was like the ultimate test- could I run a full mile in 7:47 THREE times in a row?  I thought so, but I wasn't sure.  And I definitely had to do this run outside- the treadmill would not be an option. 

Lately I have been listening to some old school Christina and Britney on Pandora- and when
this song came on it got me going on the treadmill!
Monday morning I opened at work (aka woke up at 3:45am) and got off a bit early because of a canceled meeting so by 12pm I was home and ready for my run.  I even had my new Brooks running jacket waiting on my doorstep when I got home!  I have had my old Nike jacket for 2 years now and I wear it all the time- I pretty much love it.  But I wanted to have a second option and this new one is wind and water resistant- and it was on sale for $49.  Pretty good deal considering it was regularly $85.  Anyways, I kept looking outside and noticing how windy and cold it was and checked the weather.  As badly as I wanted to test out my new jacket, there was no way in the world I was going to attempt to hit my 7:47 pace in 20mph winds!  So I quickly made an adjustment on my training plan and just did my tempo run for the week instead- on the treadmill.

Yuck!  It felt like Antarctica outside. 
Yesterday I woke up to pretty blue skies, 38 degrees and not a bit of wind- perfect running weather!  I wore my new jacket, my lulu running tights with a skirt over them, my brooks pureconnects and a headsweats hat to keep the sun out of my face (I am not a fan of running in sunglasses).  I jogged down to the park by my house for my one mile warm up then got down to business- my 1 mile repeats.  I started off way too fast on my first one and had to slow it down quite a bit in the last lap- total time 7:44!  I sipped some water during my 60 second break- which is just long enough to almost start breathing normal again by the way- then set off for my second mile. 

Before heading out the door
There was an older gentleman walking the track in the opposite direction as me, and I passed him 3 times each lap.  He was wearing this really bright yellow jacket and was pretty tall- I was using him as a visual cue that I was at the right pace.  He just looked at me and smiled all 20 some odd times I passed him!  Mile 2 I finished in 7:45, took my 60 second break while sipping some water and mentally prepared for mile 3 to be really difficult. 

Back of the jacket- isn't it cute?  And I never noticed the reflectors
on my tights before!
That third mile was actually not as hard as I thought it would be.  I focused on my stride, my breathing was nice and easy and my finish was strong.  Mile 3 -7:44!  I was pretty amazed at the fact I could actually run these mile repeats that fast.  But my garmin says it is true, and I believe it!  I took a quick rest to catch my breath and then slowly jogged back home.  Now that was a perfect run!  I feel much more confident now about the 5K race coming up in 9 days.  I also finally found my shirt so I have my outfit all ready to go- now if only it isn't pouring down rain so I am not tempted to put a jacket on over the top!
Done with my run- red face and all.  I tried to stand a little
more "lady like" but I think
I just look like I need to use the bathroom.
What Pandora station is your favorite for running music?  Does anyone have the ad-free version of Pandora?  It drives me nuts to see the ads pop up while I am running on the treadmill and I have to close them every time, and then sometimes I touch the wrong spot and they think I want more info on the ad and then I have to keep touching to get out of that.  So annoying!    


  1. Excited to see you at the race.. LOVE the jacket!! did you get it on sale?

  2. Thanks! I am excited to see you as well! I did get the jacket on sale, directly from the brooks website :) I love it!