30 March 2012

6 Randoms

1.  I think I am sick again.  I swear I have never in my whole life been sick this often and I have no idea what is going on with my immune system.  Ever since September I have been bouncing from one cold to the next and it is slowly driving me insane.  I blame having a petri dish kindergartner this year, the weather and my work schedule.  Not necessarily in that order.  I have had a kindergartner before and never got sick this often, and our weather is usually pretty terrible.  My work schedule is very different this year- I used to just work the same shift all the time and have a very regular sleep schedule.  This year- not so much!  Just last week I was up around 4am every day for work, and this week was the complete opposite and I was there until 9pm every day.  Not. A. Fan.  My body obviously hates my "all over the board" schedule as much as I do.  Good thing I am on vacation next week, I am in serious need of some time off to get out of town!

LOVE this, it is so true and happens way more than you would think!!
2.  We are taking a road trip to Boise on Monday- the first one in our new car!  I can't wait.  I have never been to Boise before, the weather is supposed to be pretty nice and we get to visit family we haven't seen since last summer.  And I get to run a race with my long lost BRF Cynthia!  Did I mention I am excited for a vacation???  Boise or bust baby!

3.  I finally caved and read The Hunger Games last week.  It was really good, and I started book 2-Catching Fire- yesterday.  And I am going to see the movie in about 3 hours with a couple of friends.  I am ridiculously excited about it.  Did you see it?  Read the books?  If not- you should.  I plan on finishing Catching Fire while on vacation next week.  And maybe even getting started on the 3rd book.  Did I mention I am going on vacation? 

4.  This week's "workout plan" didn't really happen.  I did complete my run on Monday which was some speedwork.  I did a 1 mile warm up, 4x1200's (7:30 pace) with a 400 rest interval (10:00 pace) then a 1 mile cool down.  I altered it a bit because the math was easier with 1200's instead of 1000's.  I wouldn't really recommend it though -1200's are hard and I hated every second of them.  Well, not the first 10 seconds or so, but all the seconds after that.  I probably would have felt the same about the 1000's.  My 6 mile tempo run on Wednesday turned into 5 easy while watching The Price is Right.  Anyways, it's all good cause I am going on vacation next week! 
***If you aren't a runner or a math person- 1200 plus 400 is 1600 which is a mile.  1000 plus 400 is 1400 and gets really hard to figure out after you have been running for a bit. 

5.  I am supposed to be running 8 miles as I type this.  Amazingly enough it has actually stopped raining for a bit so I could have snuck it in without getting drenched.  But every time I take a deep breath I cough so I am going to wait and do my run tomorrow.  For now I am going to go take one of every vitamin I can find, take a shower and go watch The Hunger Games in the comfy seat theater.  Yes, we have a local theater with actual recliner chairs.  And yes, I blog before I shower.  Don't judge.  I am almost on vacation I can do whatever I want :)

6.  I am signing up for Ragnar this week!  Somehow I got roped into being the team captain so that should be interesting.  We are going to be running with the same group of ladies from Portland that we joined last year which is really cool.  The bummer part is that Chris and Mandy won't be able to join us this year so we have a few spots to fill.  Will, myself and Jason are for sure in so we have 3 spots available.  I have quite a few people who are interested, now I just need to get a commitment from them.  And I need to come up with a team name.  Any ideas???  Maybe I can think of one while I am on vacation! 


  1. I just got over an ugly cold where I couldn't even go to work for a few days.
    I loved the books! And the movie hope you enjoy it! And hope you feel better soon! See you in a few days!! Can't wait!!

  2. have a blast in Boise! What did you think of HG the movie? And I'm assuming you're doing Northwest Passage yes? Me too!

  3. i love the cartoon strip. im glad i found that one few weeks ago since it's seriously how i feel daily at work,!
    have a great vacation.!!

  4. Yeah Ragnar and Mt. Si ;). I've been team captain a couple times for Ragnar so we can talk all things logistics during Mt. Si!