03 November 2010

It's a good day to be me!

Four weeks ago I weighed in and had my body fat percentage measured at the gym.  So when I woke up this morning I knew that it was judgement day.  I was feeling a little guilty about all the Halloween candy I had eaten over the weekend.  And the cupcakes and ice cream.  And the vodka I consumed (more on that another day) Saturday night at one of the best parties ever.  I was convinced that I might have actually gained a couple of pounds!

I headed into the trainer area at the gym and made a beeline for the scale hoping to be sneaky and not have to talk to anyone.  No such luck, one of the trainers immediately headed over to check on me.  He grabbed the body fat measurer thing and started plugging all my information in for me as I weighed myself.  I had planned to just weigh in, then if it was higher than before not even bother with the body fat percentage.  But I did not have to worry!  Here are my results:

November 3rd, 2010
Weight:  152lbs  (previous was 156)
Body Fat:  27.6%  (previous was 30.3%)

I could have done the happy dance right then and there!!!  The trainer seemed pretty impressed, he immediately wrote it all down on paper and figured it out for me.  Basically I lost 6 pounds of fat and gained 2 pounds of muscle.  He seemed pretty impressed and told me to just keep doing whatever it is I have been doing, because clearly it is working for me.  Then he said "It's a good day to be you!".  Yes, yes it was!  I smiled the entire time I climbed 107 flights of stairs during my workout!   


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  2. I will check it out, thanks for the suggestion!