19 December 2010

Chasing Santa!

After the race, feeling pretty good!
When I woke up yesterday morning I just knew it would be raining.  How did I know that?  Well, because I was signed up to run a race- and that means it will rain that day!  Cynthia and I, along with a couple of other friends (Ray and Eric) were all heading downtown Tacoma to run the Santa Runs Tacoma 5k race.  I was really excited since this was my first race since September 26th when I ran the You Go Girl half marathon (yep, rained then too!).

I got all decked out in my fancy costume and waited for Cynthia to arrive at my house.  And magically by the time she arrived the rain had stopped!  We got really lucky because the weather held out and the sun even made an appearance towards the end of the run!  We made our costumes last week and I think they turned out pretty cute- we were snowflake girls!  We had a ton of comments on them, and I also got plenty about my shoes since I wore my Vibram's.

Cynthia, Ray and I post race
I knew I wanted to set a PR on this course- it was the same as the very first race I ever did last March for the St. Patty's Day run.  I decided to skip the ipod and just tune into my body and push myself as hard as I could.  We started off strong and Cynthia, Eric and I all stayed together for the first couple of miles.  I kept pushing the pace a bit faster as we got closer to the end and Eric fell back a bit.  Cynthia and I stayed together and were able to hold hands as we crossed the finish line.  This will probably be the last race we do together for a while.  Of course we had to pass our token runner at the very end- this time a fellow snowflake girl!

I felt great during the whole run, my feet didn't fatigue in my VFF's like they had the previous week so that made me happy.  And the best part?  My time was AWESOME!  Overall this was one of the most fun races I have done yet!

My Stats:
Total Time- 27:52
Pace- 8:59
Female (my age group)- 16/91
Female (overall)- 90/619
Overall- 230/934

Ready to head out the door!

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