10 December 2010


Warning:  I am about to do a bit of venting!  I apologize in advance if anyone is offended.

So a couple of nights ago I was sitting with some friends/acquaintances chatting.  We got on the subject of exercising and how often we all go to the gym.  All of a sudden one of the men (who I actually don't know that well) says "so the three skinniest people here are the ones who never go to the gym!" and everyone kind of looked around and agreed it was true.  And almost joked about it like it was funny or cool.  Ok, now out of the six of us sitting there not one of us is what I would consider to be overweight.  Three of them just happen to be naturally skinny.  But that isn't the part that really bothered me. 

What bothered me was the insinuation that being skinny is the same as being healthy.  Like it is somehow ok to not exercise and eat junky food because you won't gain any weight.  I know for a fact that the three "skinny" people at that table have terrible eating (and drinking) habits and they are only skinny because they were lucky enough to have good genetics.  Not one of them ever sets foot into a gym and probably think running a mile is an impossible task.  That is not my idea of a healthy person.  Just because somebody is thin does not automatically mean they take care of their body!

It is just frustrating that as much effort as I apply to eating right and exercising it didn't seem to matter at that moment.  Because I am not "skinny".  Well, I have news for you people- I don't want to be skinny!  I just want to be healthy, toned and fit.  I would much rather have an average sized, athletic looking body than be skinny.  So there.  And now I am done with my ranting and raving.

Yesterday morning I headed off to the gym wearing my VFF's (of course).  I think I was feeling a tad guilty for taking a rest day the day before so I started off doing 15 minutes on the stairclimber, then did my 60 minute boxing class...then set off outside to do a 2 mile run!!!  The run was amazing, it was the first time I had really ran in my Vibram's and it felt really good. 

My gym doesn't have a track so I ran around the building (each lap is almost 1/4 mile) 9 times.  I ran slowly and focused on my form- no ipod, no tracking device- just me and my mind.  Boy have I missed running!!!  I was in heaven just running those silly laps, getting all muddy because parts are not paved and it had been pouring rain all morning.  I can't wait to get back to those longer runs- where it is just ME.  My thoughts, my body, my breathing.  To me, that is a little piece of heaven.




  1. I so agree with you!!! Great post!

  2. Thank you Kerrie! I am happy to have some validation. This has been bugging me all week!

  3. Very good post. I have to agree also, and good job putting yourself first. So many people don't do that. It is rather inspiring to me.

  4. Tiff-well said. As you know, even at my goal weight, I will never be "skinny" but being athletic and working hard, I will still take overweight and healthy over skinny and unhealthy! Love you, keep up the great work, you inspire me every day-mom/wife/barista/runner-what can't you do!