29 November 2011

The D Word

I tested out part of my race outfit today- it was perfect!!
I will be running the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Half Marathon in 5 days.  Holy cow.  I have spent the last 12 weeks diligently training my butt off in order to show Vegas just how awesome I am (or at least THINK I am!).  And now, in this last week I am finding the D word sneaking into my every thought.  DOUBT.  The "what if's" have started playing into my head and I am starting to doubt my ability to PR in this race.  My initial goal was simply (yeah...simply might not be the best word) to get a sub 2 hour half marathon under my belt.  Well, I somehow managed to do that already at the You Go Girl in September!  So now my goal is to be faster than 1:58:55.  But what if I can't do it?  Here are some of the things my mind is coming up with to fill me with doubt:

1. What if I screwed it all up by running 4 other half marathons in the middle of my training?  I mean really...who does that? 
2.  While in the midst of running those half marathons I skipped a lot of my "key" runs.  At the time I figured that I was getting my track and tempo runs done all at once during the race so it wouldn't matter really.  But now I am not so sure.  What if...what if...what if it DID matter???
3.  I wanted to be about 10 pounds lighter for the race.  That did not happen...it is more like 2. 
4.  I wasn't able to do a lot of the cross training in my program the last several weeks and I missed 2 midweek runs because I was sick. 
5.  During my 8 mile run on Sunday I felt slow and heavy.  Shouldn't I feel light and speedy by this point?  Taper week always messes with my head.

Today I did my last track run and it felt really good.  I wore my socks and sparkle skirt I will be wearing for the race just to test them out- and they were awesome.  No complaints!  I am excited for this weekend and will do my best to kick the D word to the curb in the meantime.  One of my favorite quotes from my board of inspiration: 
"Motivation can't be measured but performance can"
My board of inspiration- to decrease my boredom while I run on the
treadmill!  Much better than a blank wall.

Also- an update on my niece Bailey:  she had her open heart surgery on November 15th and it went really well.  She was able to go HOME last Saturday night!  Such a blessing, babies are so amazing and resilient.  She is definitely a fighter.  Here is a photo from Saturday morning when we were able to go visit her before she left the hospital.  She will need to keep the feeding tube in while she gets used to drinking from a bottle again- can't wait until we can see her cute little face without it! 
Miss Bailey, she just stared straight into my eyes for the longest time
while I held her.  Such a doll.

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