06 April 2012

Spring Break in Boise

Running on the Boise Greenbelt
The kids were on spring break last week so we drove over to Boise on Monday, arriving around midnight local time (they are an hour ahead of us).  We are staying in a hotel, which is fun and also makes me appreciate being able to do simple things (like getting dressed) without an audience.  But for the most part the kids are old enough to sleep well and behave themselves on vacation so it has actually been quite relaxing.  And to top it off- it hasn't rained once since we have been here!   

Wednesday night Gene and Cynthia treated us to a playoff hockey game.  It was the Idaho Steelheads versus the Ontario Reign and the game was really close, ending in a sudden death overtime loss for the Steelheads.  Devan even scored one of the game pucks!

Devan and her puck!
Cynthia and I were able to head out for a 4 mile run on the Boise greenbelt yesterday.  It is actually just behind our hotel so Cynthia drove over and we walked down a path and started our run.  Perfect!  Except that I still am not feeling 100% so it was a tough run for my lungs to handle.  But we jogged along at a decent pace and stopped to take some silly pictures a few times. 

The sun was so bright!  But I was not going to complain
because hey- at least there was sun!
It is always nice to run someplace new and it was fun to see where Cynthia spends much of her time running.  At one point we came around a corner and just above the fence line in the distance there were two GIRAFFE heads.  What the heck?  Well, I found out that was the edge of the Boise Zoo and the giraffe's were out roaming around.  Pretty cool!

We were running on the other side of that fence. 
I think he recognized us!
That made me actually want to go to the zoo so today we took the kids to check out the animals and goof around.  It was a nice, quiet little zoo and we were able to see quite a few of the animals up close, including our new running buddies the giraffes.  And to add to my fun in Boise for some reason my left contact is getting all cloudy.  I put brand new ones in on Sunday, and put a new one in this morning and it didn't help at all.  So it was either rip my eyeball out or wear my glasses.  Glasses won.  I am soaking both left contacts in some fancy solution tonight to see if it helps.   

Photo booth fun!
Tomorrow morning is my first half marathon this year- The High Speed Pursuit.  I sure hope my lungs are up to the challenge, and that I don't have to wear my glasses!  I sure have a lot of issues right now, good grief!  Cynthia and I are running the half and Will is running the 10K.  There is also a 5K and all races start together at 10am- I don't think I have run a race where all distances started together at the same time so that should be interesting. 

Our race outfits!  Nike tech shirt, Skirt Sports gym girl ultra black skirt,
Team Sparkle blue skirt, Team Sparkle star race legs.
Cynthia and I realized today that we ended our half marathon season together in Vegas in December and are starting it together in April- pretty cool that we can still be racing buddies even though we live WAY too far apart!!
Carb loading!  I didn't really drink any of that 100oz beer- but my
hubby and his brother drank it all!


  1. I saw elephants (fake ones) and you saw giraffes. Okay, yours were real. Love your race outfit. Hope your half goes great and you don't have any issues!

  2. Wow that trail in Boise looks lovely. Can't wait to hear about your race? And did Devan CATCH a puck??!!! How did she get it??