24 July 2011

188 Miles of Fun

Van 1
Hello everyone!  We got back home from our Ragnar Relay adventure late last night- we had such a blast!  I will do a full recap soon, but here are a few pictures for now. 
The starting line at 6:30am.  Jason is starting us off- he is in back with his arms up.
Waiting for Will to pass me the bracelet before my first leg- 6.5 miles!
The runners of Van 1 after completing our first legs!
Maria exchanging the bracelet with Chris
The last few yards of my 3rd leg!  18.6 miles total for me, and Van 1 was DONE!
Goofing around waiting for Mandy to run by so we could give her some water and cheer her on

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  1. Looks like a great time, looking forward to the report :-).