06 July 2011

JBLM Down and Dirty 8K Mud Run

Tennis anyone???   
Monday morning we headed out nice and early for the JBLM Down and Dirty 8K Mud Run held on Fort Lewis, which started at 9am.  We met up with Ray, Betsy, their daughter Kara and my BFF Jaime and got to the race starting area really early for a change!  So we were able to wander around, check out the course map, take some photos and use the restrooms.
Our course map- slightly altered from last year
This is a very family friendly event and there were lots of kids running, however I was still a bit nervous about how Devan would do.  She has been running a lot lately, especially when Will and I have been training down on the track.  She probably ran 3 miles at least last Wednesday when I did my 5 miler down there, so I was hoping she had the endurance built up. 
Me, Will, Jaime, Betsy, Kara and Devan.  Ray is the photographer and shadow person.
Either way, she was determined and extremely excited to be running the race, so who was I to discourage her???  Here is an example of her excitement pouring out before the race started-

Once the gun sounded we were off running.  The sun was out and the temperature felt great the entire way.  I ran with Will the whole race- although sometimes I made him chase me a bit!  He had this grand idea he could actually beat me and wanted to place a bet on it.  He finally admitted around mile 3 or so that he definitely would have lost that wager!  The obstacles were fun- we jumped over logs, through tires, climbed fences, army crawled under things and went up and down plenty of steep hills.  Finally with about 1/2 mile to go we hit the first mud pit, then waded through waist deep water.  As soon as we came out of the water I just sprinted towards the finish- I can't help but finish strong!  The very last obstacle is to army crawl through a long pit of mucky mud.  SO FUN!!!  I finished in 54 minutes and Will finished in 55.

After Will finished we walked back to the car to grab our camera so we could take pictures of the others finishing.  On our way we saw Ray, Devan and Kara coming down the hill- they only had about 1 mile left and they were all smiles!  That made me feel better, knowing they were having fun and had the best part of the race still ahead of them.  Will and I snapped a few photos of each other then went to watch the others crawl through the mud pit.

The best part was hearing how much fun everyone had.  Betsy had so much fun she was ready to run it again!  How awesome to have friends come run a race with you and actually enjoy themselves and possibly be inspired to start running and doing races? 
Devan, Ray and Kara in the last mud pit
Jaime sighting!
Love this picture of Betsy- she is having a blast!
And to see my daughters face so happy and proud of herself for such an awesome accomplishment is priceless.  She absolutely amazed me that day- she ran 5 miles of trails, hills and obstacles in 1:10 minutes.  She rocks!
Jaime in the last mud pit.  Devan and Kara went through again!
Makes you want to go play in the mud right????  And guess what- my outfit washed up perfectly.  I could not believe my eyes, but that white skirt looks brand new. 
Boop-oop-a-doop!  What mud run???


  1. wow i love that the skirt came clean! We are trying to decide what to wear for a mud run coming up, knowing that it can come clean helps! Love all the pictures!

  2. Oh my goodness, I was worried about your skirt while reading your post. How fun. We're doing the Dirty Dash 10k this weekend, but I'm wearing my black skirt anyway...

  3. Dude, that was so awesome. I'm glad we did it!