11 July 2011

Playing Catch Up

Owen's Beach at Point Defiance Park.  Mt Rainier in the far background.
Life has gotten a tad bit busy lately, so here is a quick run down of a few happenings last week!  Since I had raced on Monday at the mud run, and we had some awesome sunshine on Tuesday (July 5th) I decided to take the kids down to Owen's Beach to run around while I absorbed some Vitamin D.  It was beautiful down there with tons of boats and an awesome view of Mt. Rainier!  I love being so close to parks like these.
Niko doing "boy" things

Fun activities happening out in the water!
Devan taking a stroll down the beach. 
On Thursday I was scheduled to do two separate 3 mile runs.  I really wanted to get one night time run in before the Ragnar Relay next week, so I decided to save one of the runs for after I got off of work at 10pm.  My hubby was a tad nervous about me running alone at night so I invited him along and he took me up on the offer.  His cousin has been staying at our house so he sat home with the kids (who were in bed) and we set off on our "running date".  It was a beautiful, although windy, night- the moon was out and I really enjoyed the dark, quiet of the evening.  And I was also glad he was geared up and ready to go when I got home from work, or else I may have decided to hit those 3 miles the next morning :)
Ready for a night time "run date" with my hubby!
That's all I have time for right now- next up:  a soccer tournament and "5K" report! 

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