10 September 2010

Blah, blah, crap

Well, this hasn't exactly been my favorite week of all time.  Not necessarily the worst either, but still not great.  We have all had a touch of a cold off and on in varying stages throughout the week.  Hubby got hit the hardest and stayed home from work for two days.  I ended up working 4 eight hour closing shifts in a row, which was really LONG.  I spent Labor Day working an incredibly busy afternoon with minimal staffing (earned my time and a half!). 

Son had his first time out at school on Thursday (his halo wore off).  Daughter threw up at school today and spiked a fever so I had to go get her.  I think she was just worn out, it hasn't really progressed into anything resembling the flu.  Yet.  This new schedule will take some time to get used to, but for now we are all just a little bit wiped out.

Yesterday I was supposed to do a 14 mile run for my training program.  It was to be my longest run yet, and I was really looking forward to it (yes, I am insane).  I was actually thinking I would just do a timed run of 2.5 hours which should be around 15 or so miles- just to say that I had ran for that long.  However, since the run last weekend my knee had been feeling a bit sensitive so I decided to just do 10 or 11 miles instead.  I headed down to the waterfront and set off on my run. 

Around mile 5 or so I could feel the ache starting in my knee.  I was determined it would be fine and just kept going.  Well, the pain spread up into my hip flexor and would come and go.  I would stop and stretch it out and just keep running.  Around mile 8 I just couldn't handle the pain anymore.  It felt like my leg would just not support my weight and I was going to fall flat on my face if I ran one more step.  And while that might make a great story, I wasn't taking any chances. 

So, I had to walk the entire rest of the way back to my car.  From The Dock all the way down Schuster Parkway, through Old Town and down the waterfront past Duke's -where I had parked my car.  About 3 miles or so.  Do you have any idea how long and frustrating that was???  Ugh.  Not to mention how hungry and thirsty I was when I was finally done.

I went out and got a foam roller today, and a more intensive knee brace so hopefully that will help.  I am supposed to play a soccer game tomorrow night and then run a 10K race Sunday morning so I am a little bit stressed out.  And my half marathon is coming rapidly, only 16 days away.  I might have to be done training for it and just hope for the best.  We will see what happens.  Send me some good thoughts please!  

On a positive note, the first jar of Nutella is finally all gone.  I would like to think I didn't eat a large portion of it, but who am I kidding?  I have now moved on to a much healthier jar of almond butter.  I am refusing to open the second one, I think it will be a Christmas gift or white elephant exchange present.  Who has the next birthday????  I hope you love Nutella!!! 

Total Distance:  8.4 Miles  Total Time:  1:26:23 (terrible, but I had to keep stopping to stretch!)


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