17 September 2010


Here is a small list of things that have made me smile, laugh or simply be happy this week.

1.  Daughter worrying about having to keep pace with her friend while running the 1K little girl dash, because "she says I wear her out when I run"!  I had to explain to her that starting a race together is really fun, but then it is ok to separate and find each other at the end.

2.  Son explaining to me today how his nightlight light bulb "ran out of batteries".

3.  One of my regular customers came in tonight.  She is a spunky older lady who always orders a mocha.  She said she needed to register her starbucks card so she could get her free birthday drink.  I asked if her birthday was coming soon and she said it was in January.  And that she would be turning NINETY!  I would never have guessed in a million years.  She said she was a runner all her life and had ran the Sound to Narrows almost every year since it started.  That is going to be me when I am old.  Shocking the hell out of people when I tell them I am going to be 90 years old in a few months.  She is my hero.  I will give her a free birthday drink whether her card is registered or not!

4.  I am going to get my muscles back.  I decided to switch to a new gym- All Star Fitness.  I am super stoked about it.  I canceled my YMCA membership back in June for summertime and have been trying to decide whether I wanted to go back or not.  I decided the only things I am going to miss are the kickboxing class with Nikki at the Morgan branch and the stretching/pilate's room Downtown.  That is about it.  So on to bigger and better at my new gym.  I went today and did a complete weight circuit- felt AMAZING!!!  There are some fun looking classes I want to try out as well.  I am happy with my decision.

5.  Watching this video:

Then just randomly saying "rug" to those who get the joke. 

6.  Playing Words with Friends on my Itouch is still fun.  Sometimes people play words that make you smile (or blush) when you see them.  You know who you are.  And somebody that REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanted to win a game against me actually won.  And even though it makes me a little mad that I lost, it also makes me happy.  Because that means that person is persistent, determined, learning and not being a poor sport about losing numerous times before that- and is therefore an awesome person to play a game with.  Because really, who likes a poor sport???  Not me!

7.  I booked our trip to Maui on Monday.  Airfare and condo are both paid for and we got an amazing deal on both.  We will be gone for 11 days.  I. Can't. Wait.  And I did a little research- there is a 10 mile Harbor to Harbor race the Saturday we will be there.  Guess who is going to run it?  ME!  How cool is that?


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