29 September 2010

You Go Girl!

Ready to run our 3rd half marathon- You Go Girl!
Well, I am happy to report I survived my third half marathon in less than 4 months!  Cynthia and I ran the You Go Girl half marathon last Sunday, September 26th.  It was the first year for this race and I have to say the course was pretty enjoyable.  It started downtown Tacoma on 9th and Market and ended down at Thea's Park on Dock Street.  We toured through the muddy trails of Wright Park.  We ran down Schuster Parkway, through Old Town, along the waterfront and then back to the finish line.  It poured, rained, misted and drizzled rain on our heads the entire way, but after a while I barely noticed.  I guess I am used to it by now- it has rained at some point during every single one of my half marathons.  This was the most it had rained during any given run I had done though.  My feet were absolutely soaked for several hours- they looked like I had been swimming for days once I got my socks off!

I ended up seeing several familiar faces during the course of my running.  At mile 1 and again around mile 2 one of the Tacoma Police Officers I know was directing traffic at an intersection.  My best friend Jaime volunteered (to stand in the pouring rain!!!) and was helping with traffic around mile 5.  I hopped up on the sidewalk and gave her a big hug which was a perfect energy boost at that time.  Thank you Jaime- love you!  Then around mile 6 I spotted one of my regular customers (his wife was running) and he gave me a big high five.  So nice to have some support and smiling faces out there even though the weather was terrible!! 

Around mile 8 I could feel the ache in my right upper quad setting in and it was making me nervous.  I just kept stopping to stretch for about 60 seconds every time I felt it and it seemed to go away.  I probably had to stop about 3 or 4 times but I never had to walk!!!!  I was sooo thankful for that.  My cardio was just fine, I definitely could have pushed harder in that aspect.  However, the memory of having to walk during my last attempt at a long run (on this same route!) kept me from overdoing it.  Slow and steady wins the race, right???  Or in my case, slow and steady finishes the race able to keep running!

There were pacers running with us carrying signs with finish times to help us gage where we were.  These are so helpful- a big visual sign that says "hurry up" or "wow, you are doing great"!  Well, in the beginning I was right in front of the 2:10 pacer.  Probably somewhere around mile 3 she passed me (which I expected).  At some point around mile 7 or so I realized the 2:20 pacer was still behind me so that became my sole focus- stay in front of the 2:20 pacer!  When I was stretching at one point I finally saw her heading towards me so off I went, picking up my pace a bit.  Around mile 10 I really needed to use the bathroom but was worried if I stopped she would pass me and I would never catch up.  So I skipped it, but on the return trip back down the waterfront I noticed there wasn't a line for the bathroom so I hopped in really quick and when I came out there she was- right behind me!  Again, I picked up my pace and thankfully never saw her again.  But thank you thank you thank you race organizers- those pacers are so helpful!!!  Maybe someday that will be me carrying the sign.

As I came into the finish line I spotted my family and friends cheering me on.  There was one girl right in front of me so I did what I always do- take it up a notch and sprint right past her over the finish line!  Thanks to my hubby for dragging the kids down to watch me cross the finish line as well as to Ray, Betsy, Kara and Morgan for being there to support me.  You guys are awesome! 

Prior to the race I had to do some real thinking about what was REALLY important to me as far as my physical fitness is concerned.  Yes, I have been training for months and months now to do these races.  But what was my real, ultimate, original goal?  To run a half marathon in less than 2 hours?  No.  That would be nice, however when I push myself too hard I get injured.  So that goal really doesn't make sense for me.  My original goal was to push past the plateau I was at and improve my overall fitness.  Which I have achieved. 

A few posts back I posed the question about whether or not I should play my 2 soccer games the night before my half marathon.  And while everything I know and everyone I talk to said I should not play those games, I should rest my muscles...my mind said PLAY!  Yes, I am crazy.  But if my goal was to improve my overall fitness why wouldn't I play soccer???  Playing 96 minutes of soccer (without a sub) then running 13.1 miles a mere 12 hours later- that, my friends, is one fit chick!  If I hadn't played soccer, maybe my time would have been faster.  But that is not what is important to me- I was there for my team and had a lot of fun playing those two games!  And I finished my half marathon between 2:10 and 2:15 which is all I can ask of myself.  I am apparently very consistent in my pace!  I don't regret my decision one bit.

Total Distance: 13.1 miles  Total Time:  2:14:53

49/120- Females aged 30-34
264/671- Overall   
So excited for our race- killing time so we don't have to hang out in the downpour!!!

Ready for anything!
Heading towards the finish line!!!

Happy to be done!!!

BRF's after completing our 8th race together!!!


  1. You are definately one fit chick! And I am VERY proud of you! I'm glad I have someone to share all my running adventures with.
    The way I see it is I have only been racing since March. Why go all out and accomplish all my goals now? I already ran multiple half marathons and am going to run a full this year. I want to just go out and have fun and enjoy running. I want to run for many many years as long as my body lets me. I can accomplish a sub 2 hour half another time. And I know you can too! You have come a long way in your running goals. And hey who else can say they played two soccer games and went and ran a half marathon the next day. And its not the first time you played soccer and ran 13.1 miles the next day either! That is impressive and something to be very proud of! :)

  2. Hey you girls, it was great to be able to support you out on the course. I was re-motivated to start training again....after I complete my biggest loser competition at the new gym! Go us!!

  3. You guys look adorable in your matching outfits. Are you going to run this one again this year? This half was definitely my favorite from 2010. Fun to read your recap about it!

  4. Thanks! This was a fun race and we definitely had to get girly for it. Even though the weather was awful! I plan on making this a yearly event!