06 September 2010


It is that time of year I love and hate all at the same time.  Summer is ending (although to be honest, did we really HAVE a summer?) and Fall is on its way.  I love summer- the smell of sunscreen, wearing shorts and flip flops, camping, popsicles and going to the lake.  But my very favorite time of year is Fall, so this transition time is always kind of bittersweet.  I am sad to say goodbye to summer but eager to have cold mornings and warm afternoons, the changing leaves, my birthday and Halloween, apple cider and all the delicious smells of Fall. 

And one of the other best parts- SCHOOL!!!  And a set schedule- hooray!  My daughter is now in third grade, she loves her new teacher and ended up with many of her best friends in her class.  She is going to have a fantastic year.  And we made the decision to switch my son to a new preschool for a variety of reasons and he also seems to love his teachers and has made a few new friends as well.  He has his teacher fooled actually.  She said to me after the second day "Is he always so sweet and happy?  He is just a delight!"  I almost laughed (then I realized she wasn't kidding), so I just smiled and agreed with her.  I am glad he is behaving in class, that is all I really can ask for right??  Hopefully it stays that way!

First day of Preschool - 9/1/10
Heading up to her first day in 3rd Grade!  9/2/10
Last Saturday (9/4) I ran the 10 mile over the Narrows race in Gig Harbor.  The weather was typical for my racing days- cloudy, cool and a little rainy.  But is was a great run, Cynthia ran it as well as another friend of mine Alyssa.  This was her first race and she was a little nervous- it was cute actually because it reminded me of how I felt way back when I did my first race last March.  I decided to not look at my ipod whatsoever the whole race, just wanted to push myself as hard as I could and see what happened.  It was an extremely hilly route, and the wind on the bridge was so strong I couldn't even breathe through my nose.  I could tell I was running faster than I normally would because it was less comfortable.  But Alyssa kept up with me the entire time and I had a great finishing time of 1:35:41!  About 30-40 seconds faster per mile than usual for my longer runs!  This race wasn't chip timed but the organizers did a fantastic job of keeping us in order and recording our times.  Statistics were just posted and I was 82/219 overall for the females and 23/62 for my age group.  I am very happy with that, and if I keep that pace for my half marathon I figure I can finish right around 2:05!

Racer girls ready for action!!!  9/4/10

Alyssa and I racing for the finish line

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  1. Hey I pulled up the pic of you and Alyssa and just realized you can see me cheering for you guys lol. Right in front of the guy crossing the finish line in black. I think my bright pink shoe laces give me away lol. I like our before picture, came out pretty good with the "tripod" you made lol.
    Niko looks sooo cute in that pic, it makes me smile :) I noticed Devan's picture is as she is walking away from you. Isn't it funny how independent they are and just don't even want you to walk up to the school with them or take off with their friends right away lol.
    PS. I totally think you can push yourself and come in at the 2 hour mark for the YGG race. Come on you know you want to! That's my goal just stick with me! The miles will fly by like they did for the training half we ran last month! :D