24 September 2010

My New Neighbors

I was so excited that the new season of Biggest Loser started this week.  I love that show and always look forward to it.  If you have never watched this show the basic idea is that extremely obese people go live in a house on The Biggest Loser Ranch and learn how to eat properly, exercise and lose huge amounts of weight each week.  They are eliminated one by one based on the percentage of weight they lose until at the end there is one person who has lost the most percentage of their starting weight.  Hence the term "biggest loser" -get it? 

Anyways, I LOVE the two trainers on the show- Bob and Jillian.  They are amazing and I wish that they could be my neighbors.  Or my aunt and uncle.  Or they could just adopt me, whatever would be easiest for them.  These two are the main reason I like to watch this show.  I always learn from them and they are very motivational.  In fact, when I feel like I want to give up on my workouts a lot of times Jillian magically appears before my very eyes and starts yelling at me.  It works like a charm!  Because I certainly wouldn't want to make her mad!

So I started watching the season opener and as they were introducing all the new contestants for the show I just started feeling very frustrated.  How is it possible that our country has become so obese?  The fact that there is a need for this type of show in our country is horrible- I just don't really understand it.  Each contestant on the show says the same thing.  They don't know how to eat properly, they don't know how to exercise and there is some big tragedy in their life that is preventing them from enjoying their own. 

I find that hard to believe.  Well, perhaps sometimes those things ARE true.  However, there are resources available everywhere for people who would like to change their life and get healthy.  It isn't rocket science.  It's common sense!  You don't need The Biggest Loser to change your life.  Seriously.  Eating sensible, healthy meals and getting 30 minutes of physical activity a day (even going for a walk) would be a huge step in the right direction.  But you do have to make a conscious decision every day to make healthy choices in order to live your best, healthy life.  Everything in moderation, nothing in excess.  Especially calories!  If you want to lose weight and really LIVE your life you have the power to do that.  I didn't say it was easy, and I didn't say that it would happen overnight.  But it WILL happen if you put forth the effort.   

I am still going to watch The Biggest Loser of course.  It is fascinating to watch these people lose weight and transform their bodies.  And no way would I miss out on my Bob and Jillian time.  In fact, this show was my inspiration to run my first half marathon.  I figured if people who weigh double and triple my weight can run a FULL marathon, then certainly I can manage half of that!  I just kind of wish there wasn't a need for 10 seasons of this show.  That would be ideal. 

Update in my fitness world- I love my new gym!  I have been 3 times now and it is great to be back building my muscles!!!  I get 2 free sessions with a trainer and apparently they are going to do a body fat analysis and fitness evaluation on me.  Super, I was wondering how much of me was made up of fat!   If it isn't too horrifying I will let you all in on the details of that lovely test.  I will be running my third half marathon on Sunday September 26th.  It is the You Go Girl downtown Tacoma and I am very excited for all my hard work to pay off.  Even though I ended up having to stop my training schedule early because of my leg I am hoping that it will all work out.  Fingers crossed! 

Total Distance:  4.10 miles  Total Time:  40:23  
*a nice easy run to test out my leg- it was a bit tender but held up*

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