14 January 2011

Back on The Scale

Today was my weigh in day at the gym finally. I have been putting it off not really wanting to see the damage from the holidays but I guess I was worried for nothing. The scale has not budged. I didn't even take my shoes off or have to round down or anything. It was just right on 152. Thank goodness! I tried to get the body fat analysis gadget to work but I think the battery was low and my circuit class was getting ready to start so didn't get to check that part. Oh well. Next time!

Yesterday I went and had my hair cut and colored. It had been several months and I was definitely ready for a change. I decided to go for an all over darkening and I really like how it turned out! I am also going be wearing my hair curly more often- why fight what comes naturally right??? Plus, as often as my hair is in a ponytail (at the gym or at work) it barely has time to look cute in between!

The new "do"
I think I have finally settled on a workout routine that is going to fit into my work/kids/marathon training agenda starting on January 31st. There is definitely a huge commitment to running a marathon. I am even going to have to adjust my work availability in order to do some of my training runs. But I am willing to make the sacrifice!!! So here is the plan on paper, I am sure that adjustments will be made once it goes into effect.

Mondays- yoga class at the gym or spin bike/strength train
Tuesdays- boxing class/short run
Wednesdays-mid length run/strength training
Thursdays- boxing class/short run
Friday- rest day. oh, and play goalie at soccer :)
Saturday- long run
Sunday- swimming and hot tub at the gym or spin bike/strength train

I think this is going to work for me. It keeps my variety of activities up so my muscles will hopefully stay at a balanced level and I can avoid injury by doing as much cross training type activities as possible. I am really excited to incorporate yoga into my workouts and I am really sad to be eliminating my Friday advanced circuit class but c'est la vie. That class kills my muscles and makes them feel like jello so that can't really be added into a "rest" day before my long runs. Bummer.

I had a fun time with the kids tonight. They are both finally to the point where we can start to play board games so I pulled out monopoly for us to play and the kids really liked it. Plus they can work on counting, reading and budgeting money. Overall, a pretty educational game. We played for about an hour and then I counted up each person's money to see who won. And guess who the winner was? Niko. Yes, Devan and I lost to a 5 year old. Too funny. He even did a little dance he was so excited!

I have yet another song that has me listening to it over and over so I will share it with you. It is one that makes me want to go on a crazy pointless road trip. Or run down a deserted highway for miles and miles. I don't really know what it is but I like it. Enjoy.

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  1. I like the new hair (but you already knew that)! I like the workout plan, sounds like the right mix of stuff for you to be doing. You go girl!