26 January 2011

The Evil Jump Rope Club

So here is my facebook status from yesterday morning at 8:22am:

"Well I have asked the children to stop fighting about 30 times in the last 30 minutes. Patience, patience, patience. Good thing there is a heavy boxing bag with my name on it at the gym. Ah, I feel better just thinking about it!"

So I managed to complete our morning routine and drop Devan off at school at 8:58am and proceeded to drive straight to the gym just like I do every Tuesday morning.  I arrived right around 9:10am and headed straight for the boxing room to throw my gloves down on a bag to save myself a spot.  There are only 24 spots so this class does fill up quite often, but I have never had a problem.  So imagine my dismay when there are 2 of the regular ladies standing outside the door with irritated expressions on their faces and they tell me that the class is already full and has been for a good 10 minutes.  WHAT!!!  But I told facebook there was a bag with my name on it!  And I really, really wanted to punch something.

Then I remembered why the class was full- the instructor had started a jump rope club that would be Tuesday mornings from 9am-915am so all those people had saved themselves a bag prior to class.  Does that seem fair?  There is no possible way for me to get to the gym early enough on a Tuesday morning so I guess I will scratch this class off of my training agenda.  So I silently cursed jump roping for the next several minutes while I dropped Niko in the daycare and tried to figure out what to do for my workout that day.

And this would not only be affecting my workout at the present moment, but I need to now alter my entire training agenda for the next 18 weeks.  Yes, a jump rope club sounds so sweet and cute and innocent- but it is really quite evil.  A bunch of dirty rotten jumping people who can get to the gym at 8:45am on a Tuesday morning.  Ok, I am over it.  Well, not really.  Anyways...moving on.

So Tiffany, what did you do instead of your planned workout???  Well, I decided to try out my new Garmin watch and did a 2 mile run around the gym to clear the angry thoughts from my mind.  The first mile I didn't realize that the gps part wasn't tracking me, but the second mile worked like a charm.  I learned that 4 laps is .9 miles so that is helpful information.  I also used that time to clear my mind, ask for forgiveness for thinking such terrible thoughts about the jump rope club and rearrange my training plan in my mind.  After my run I hopped on the stairclimber for a sweet 100 flight climb (22:00) then did some strength training on my legs and abs.  Overall a good workout, not my intended workout but thats cool.  I am sure all those jump rope club members had a good time.  But I am not bitter.  Nope, not me.

Here is my new, rearranged workout agenda which will be starting on MONDAY! 

Monday- yoga class
Tuesday- short run at home on treadmill
Wednesday- boxing class at gym in morning, mid length run outside after taking Niko to school in afternoon
Thursday- boxing class then short run at gym
Friday- rest day (plus goalie at soccer)
Saturday- long run
Sunday- cross train- either swim or spin bike plus some sauna time at gym

I think this will work for me.  The one positive from this new agenda- I will get to take one boxing class from Andrea (Weds) and one from Kim (Thurs) instead of both from Kim.  I like both of their techniques so I am happy to be able to attend one of each!


  1. I would be upset, too. Booooooo!

  2. Haha I love that you called it the evil jump rope club. That totally does suck and is kinda messed up so I would be pissed too

  3. that sucks.. but jumping rope does sound fun.

  4. Yeah, the boxing classes fill up so fast- I normally just asked if I could share a bag and have always had good responces... just an idea. Way to be flexible though, uh, mostly. :)

  5. too much stress. i would have walked across the parking lot for a mocha freeze at costco

  6. Don't get me wrong- Kim invited me to the jump rope club and everything, the timing is just bad or I would be there! I even bought a jump rope today- I will form my own club :) @Tiana- Kim doesn't allow more than 2 people on a bag, I always expect to share one since there are only 12 bags in the class. @anonymous (aka Ray) Costco doesn't open until 10am dork.

  7. UPDATE- Thursdays class was full also...didn't get to do boxing at all last week. Boo. Looks like I might have to be flexible way more than I wanted to be. awesomeness!