31 January 2011

Marathon Training: Day 1

But first things first- a quick recap of my super fun weekend!  Since this was the last weekend before my official marathon training begins I had not ONE, but TWO nights out in a row!  In Seattle!  Friday night I got the opportunity to go to the 2011 Night of the Stars event hosted by Quadrant Homes.  It was in the Columbia Tower Club on the 75th floor with an absolutely amazing view of Seattle.  The Space Needle looked tiny!  My friend Cynthia went with me and we got all dressed up and arrived around 7pm.  We had some adult beverages, some chocolate covered strawberries and some hors d'oeuvres...then hit the dance floor!  So much fun, we danced until they stopped playing music and made us go home.  I love girl nights! 

Photo booth fun!
Saturday night we headed back up to Seattle to Studio Seven to watch a friend's band play.  I went to high school with him and have been intending to watch his band -Aftereon-play a show for quite a while. The timing was always bad when they played the local clubs here in Tacoma though!  This time Will, Cynthia, Betsy and I all headed up, we stopped at Pyramid Brewery and had some dinner then headed to the club.  It was definitely an interesting place, in the "SODO" district, just down the street from the Starbucks corporate building.  It was a fun night, the first band was not great.  Ok, they were terrible.  But the rest of the bands sounded much better and I chatted a bit with my friend Shane after the show.  Overall, 2 really fun nights out! 

Sunday morning was back to reality!  I headed down to the waterfront for a run.  It was really cold and windy but otherwise it was the perfect day.  It took me about a full mile before I warmed up and could relax into a decent stride!  But I felt great the whole time, put in close to 5 miles then did some stretching before heading home.  Then of course it was time to head to work. 

This morning I am officially in training mode!  I headed to the gym and went to my yoga class (third time ever).  I am getting better each week and learning how to relax into the different positions and focus my strength into different body parts to make it easier to hold poses.  We have been working on a few different inversion poses and I can do one of them easily, one for about 2 seconds...and the other one I need to practice.  A lot!  But I am still enjoying it, even though I am completely out of my comfort zone.  I like the movement and fluidity of yoga, the awareness of my body and how it can bend and stretch.  For some reason it is fascinating to me.

And here is one of the songs I crank up when it comes on the radio these days.  Love, love, love this ladies voice!   


  1. Yoga is something I would really like to get into because I know it is so good for a person, but it is so intimidating to me. Good job, you continue to inspire me.

  2. WOW!!! I just ran across your blog. That's sooo awesome. Your training for a marathon and I'm stressing over 10 miles!!! I've just started this whole blog thing, trying to keep myself motivated to get fit and run more!! I'd love for you to ck out my blog. www.changingfromfattofit.blogspot.com
    I signed up as a follower.....your training will make me be thankful for what I'm doing!!! :)