04 February 2011

A Clean Fridge is a Happy Fridge

Today I made a trip to Costco.  It was a madhouse, much worse than even Christmas time.  I guess I should know better- clearly people need chips, dips and beer in mass quantities for the Superbowl!  Anyways, when I got home I emptied my fridge, cleaned it and then restocked it.  Something about that is always so...satisfying.  Even the kids think it is cool to look in the fridge and be able to find lots of tasty food.  I tell them they can help themselves to fruit and vegetables anytime without asking, and I think it helps to have those items easily accessible. 

This morning I had to fight the urge to go to the gym.  It felt so strange to not be heading to my circuit class!  But Fridays are now my designated "rest" day which is nice.  Even though I am still going to be playing indoor soccer at night.  For now I will play goalie for half and play the field the other half.  Once my Saturday runs get a bit longer I will scale back to playing goalie for the entire game I guess.  I will just have to see how it goes and make adjustments as needed. 

Tomorrow I am scheduled to do a 6 mile run which I am excited about.  My first long run of my training program!  This is what I will look like- the Nike poster girl!  This is a photo from last weekends run on the waterfront- after I got all ready I started counting my little swooshes...I guess I am a Nike girl at heart!
Even my shirt and bra were Nike!
Oh, and I will leave you with a funny Niko-ism from Costco today.  I grabbed a large bag of frozen chicken breasts and put them in the cart and he says "Oh, yay!  Chicken!  Did they get that from some turkeys?"  Oh man, I laughed so hard.  He says the silliest things. 

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