08 February 2011

One Week Down...Seventeen to Go!

Well, I successfully completed my first full week of training on Sunday.  I would say my training plan I set up for myself is going to work out great!  With the variety of activities I am able to work all of my muscle groups at some point and also keep my cardio fitness up in ways besides just running.  I am hoping this will keep me from ending up with an injury (fingers crossed).  Only 17 more weeks until the big event!  It seems so far away but I am sure it will be here way too soon.

Saturday was my first "long" run of my program and I was scheduled to run 6 miles.  I love the fact that 6 miles does not scare me whatsoever.  Now mention the 15 miler down the road a ways...that scares the heck out of me!  But 6 miles is a cake walk.  I headed out the door and ran towards Point Defiance Zoo, ran around the rose garden area and headed back home.  At which point I always remember that the entire run home (2.25 miles) along the main street is just one big, long, steady climb.  But I ran the whole way without stopping once and could instantly feel the moment the pavement leveled off.  It was like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders!  Overall the run felt amazing, I did intentionally keep (or tried to keep anyways) a slowish pace.  Yes, I am a bit of a nut about trying to keep from injuring myself- but only because it has happened so many times and it SUCKS.  Really, really sucks.  I would rather run slowly and cautiously then not at all! 

Today I was scheduled for a 3 mile run and I was also feeling the urge to do some upper body work so I headed to the gym instead of just staying home and running on my treadmill.  I wore my Vibram's for my entire workout.  I love wearing these shoes, sometimes I forget I am wearing anything on my feet at all they are so comfortable!  And they are definitely changing my running form for the better- my knees have not bothered me one tiny bit since I started wearing them.  I have been wearing them only 1-2 times a week and just for shorter runs as my feet build up their strength, and on the other days I have been wearing a pair of Nike Free 7.0's.  I am hoping to transition to wearing the Vibram's full time in another month or so.

Sorry for the boring post, but that is about as exciting as my life is right now.  Focusing all my time and energy on getting my training program implemented and trying to make sure it doesn't interrupt what family time I do have on the weekends.  Tricky?  Yes.  Manageable?  Yes.  I hope.


  1. I don't find it boring at all! I find it incredibly inspiring, and challenging to me. I read it and I think to myself that tomorrow I am going to work out however many minutes longer than I did today (or whatever challenging thought comes to mind for myself). Just that little push you know? Anyway so I love seeing you have written a new post and what you have to say, even if you think it is boring :)

  2. Thank you Jackson! I appreciate the nice comments you always leave for me. It is nice to feel like what I am doing is not only benefiting myself but also encouraging to others. And good job on your workouts as well- keep it up!

  3. Yay for week one!!
    Your long runs should be at a slower pace than your other runs during the week so good job!!

  4. Congrats on one wk down!!! I love how you say 6miles is a piece of cake.....I wish I could get that in my head! : )

  5. Well done, Tiffo. I am glad you are taking precautions... better to run well for the next 40 years, than fast for one year. :)