23 February 2011

I never TRY anything, I just do it!

Wanna try me?

I love this song when I am running. It always gives me that extra bit of sassiness I need to keep going and prove to myself I can complete whatever run I am in the middle of. Here is the video so you know what song I am referring to. And yes...this song is on my ipod. I have a wide spectrum of music I enjoy!

It has been a busy week overall.  I sometimes feel like I just bounce from one activity to the next without any down time whatsoever.  Probably because it is true!  I have now completed 3 weeks of my marathon training program and have made it halfway through week 4.  Time is moving quickly, and sometimes it freaks me out to think about how quickly June 5th will actually arrive!

So I decided that I would do my run yesterday as close to a 8:30/mile pace as I could manage.  I set my treadmill to 8:34 and gave it my all.  I was amazed that my breathing was great and that my legs were actually getting tired before my cardio was expended!  Well, my legs had been sore for about a week so I just told them to suck it up and decided to speed up to 8:13 for my last mile!  Overall it felt amazing and my time was 25:28 for 3 miles! 

Today our weather forcast called for snow, however when I woke up it was beautiful outside so I dropped Devan at school and headed to the gym for boxing class and my 4 mile run.  However, around 9:45am the snow started piling up outside so I decided to head home after boxing and do my run there just in case.  I did a hill interval workout and it was pretty mentally tough.  But I finished strong, doing my last mile in 8:34.  I guess that is my new favorite pace! 

The snow outside is slowly piling up, we have maybe an inch or two accumulated right now.  It is supposed to snow until tomorrow sometime, so maybe I can do my 3 miler on my schedule tomorrow outside in the SNOW!  Yes, I am crazy but for some reason that sounds very peaceful and fun to me.  Although I am a little nervous about Saturday.  I made a deal with myself to do all of my long Saturday runs outside, regardless of the weather.  This weekend's 9 miler could be tricky! 

Happy belated birthday to my friend Alyssa (2/18)
**Some of my favorite things about her:

1.  She helps me maintain my sanity at work by making me laugh and always working hard
2.  She is an awesome soccer player on our team and has scored more goals than me
3.  She is a great photographer
4.  She claims to not like kids very much, but they like her.  Niko loves her.
5.  She is going to be my new running buddy!

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