17 February 2011

Motivation and a Smile on My Face

So this week I definitely pushed my body hard.  I added a lot of strength training including a leg workout prior to my Tuesday run and boxing before my run yesterday.  I was definitely sore this morning- yet I was determined to go try a new class called Maximum Sculpt at the gym.  It is an old school total body workout with free weights and sounded like something I would enjoy. 

While we were doing hair and brushing teeth this morning in the bathroom Devan suddenly says to me "I know what I am going to be for Halloween this year" and I asked her what.  She says "I am going to be you!"  And I am thinking...hmmm...where is this going?  "I am going to be a runner- whenever I see somebody running I think of you!"  Is that not the cutest thing ever?  It made me smile and gave me that extra push I needed this morning to get to the gym and give it my all.

The class was a good workout and my run was definitely a bit harder mentally than it usually is.  I am finding that getting about a 45-60 minute workout in before my run is a good endurance builder and is allowing me to get warmed up and stretched really well before my run.  Tomorrow is another rest day for me.  I think I need it after this week!!!