03 February 2011

Hey Doc, Am I Going To Live???

I FINALLY got the results of my blood work back from a month ago.  I went in for a routine physical and had my blood drawn in early January.  Mostly I wanted to make sure my iron levels were good- I have been borderline anemic ever since my daughter was born in 2002.  But I also was curious how the rest of me was doing!  My numbers are all perfect, except for my folic acid.  It is too HIGH of all things!  So the nurse told me that if I am taking an extra supplement for that I can stop.  Well, we all know THAT isn't a problem lol.  I rarely take a basic multivitamin every day.  Anyways...moving on.  Here are my numbers, and those of the American heart association for comparison.

Total cholesterol:  187   *should be less than 200
HDL:  65    *average woman 50-60.  higher than 60 gives level of protection against heart disease
LDL:  105   *less than 100 is optimal.  100-129 is near optimal/above optimal
Triglyceride:  83   *normal is less than 150
Fasting blood sugar:  84   *normal range 70-99

She also told me my iron is fine, I am not anemic which is great news!  And my vitamin B12 level is in the low range of normal.  But overall...I am a picture of health.  SWEET!  Like I have said before, knowledge is power.  Apparently a B12 deficiency can be the cause of bruising easily.  Since I still have the imprint of a soccer ball on my forearm from 2 weeks ago and I always have at least one bruise at any given time...I would say that is probably accurate. 

My training is going well, 4 days in and my plan seems to be working.  Today I just did my run and foam rollered myself to death because my. muscles. are. sore!!!!  Holy moly, I feel like a 90 year old woman today.  If you are a runner and have not experienced the joy of using a foam roller afterwards...you are missing out.  It is amazing, and a great way to stay injury free.  Google it or plug it into you tube for a demonstration of what I am talking about. 

Thats all for now, just wanted to share my awesome news.  I am going to live!  


  1. Glad you got good news!!! Keep working hard! I'm going to have to ck the foam roller out. Never heard of it!!

  2. yahoo, im glad your not going to die on me

  3. Yay i'm glad you finally got your stats from the doc and you are healthy and are going to live :)