14 June 2011

Goodbye Cupcakes, Hello Ragnar!!!

My daughters bday cupcakes
Ok, now that I have baked (and consumed) enough cupcakes in one weekend to last me for a few months, it is time to get back to business!  I started a training program for the Ragnar Relay yesterday and just completed my first official "run" post marathon.  I was scheduled for an 8 mile "hill" run so I hit the treadmill for some incline work, alternating between 1% and 4% with each mile.  I kept the pace nice and easy just to test that my body was back to normal and I think it is! 

I am following the intermediate training program the Ragnar site suggests (the beginner one was a bit easy for me) and just modified it a bit.  Well, mostly I took out the Monday and Friday 5 mile runs and will do cross training of some sort on Mondays and probably take a rest day on Fridays.  I think I will try and incorporate some interval/speed work on the Wednesday runs and see how that works out.

I am also getting my diet back in check.  I kind of let it go towards the end of my marathon training, but I am back to my 4 meals of 400 calories now.  Of course on those really hard training days I will probably up that a bit, but for the most part that should be sufficient.  I am hopeful summer might arrive one of these days, and a swim suit might be necessary at some point :)

So here is my agenda for the month of July:
July 4th- JBLM 8K mud run
July 9th- Top to Bottom 5K
July 22nd-23rd- Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage- Runner #6!!!

Last year at the JBLM 8K mud run.  What a blast!

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  1. I freaking love that picture. It's my fav. Has nothing to do with the fact that I'm being carried or anythng... ok maybe it is haha.
    Wish I could run it again.