06 June 2011

North Olympic Discovery Marathon- A Picture Story

Moments after finishing the marathon.  I truly was that happy!
I will keep this one short and sweet, and write out my story in the next couple of days.  So here is the quick and dirty picture version of my first marathon!

After we arrived in Port Angeles we checked into our hotel and headed to the marathon expo.  I grabbed my race packet and a few stickers for the car and we set off to explore town and find some lunch.
The kiddos pretending they love each other downtown Port Angeles

Later that night we met up with Jaime, Sarah, Paul and Alyssa and headed to Sequim where I had made dinner reservations at an Italian restaurant.  It wasn't very busy there and the food was simple and carb-o-liscious.  I had spaghetti and lots of bread. 

We then drove to Carrie Blake Park where the marathon start was so we could find it easily in the morning.  The kids played for a bit then we headed back to the hotel.  I still needed to prepare everything for the morning.  I always set out my outfit, pin my bib on and gather things like my garmin, ipod and fuel sources so I don't have to stress about that and can try to sleep.

Hmmm...do I have all my stuff here???
I woke up at 6:30am and immediately drank some coffee and ate a cliff bar with peanut butter.  I was feeling nervous and couldn't quite get myself to consume the banana so I figured I could try to eat that in the car (I managed about 2/3 of it).  I hopped in the shower and got dressed and we were out the door at 8:05.
Must. Have. Coffee.
Ready to head out the door!

We ran into Alyssa in the hallway.  She ran her first half marathon yesterday!
As we walked towards the starting I had that feeling like I was going to be sick.  I knew once I started running it would go away, but the build up was really getting to me.  I headed to the 10:00 minute pace group and about 2 minutes later the gun sounded and we were off!
This is my "I am going to vomit" face.  Cute right?
The sun was out and it was already warm.  I was worried about hydration as I noticed how many of the runners around me were carrying their own water.  I started out and checked my garmin- it said 9:17 for my pace and I remembered that I should start slow...don't go out too fast.  So I slowed a bit, keeping each mile just under 10 minutes.
And I am off!
Mile 4- we repassed the start line.  I was feeling pretty good here still.
Mile 5 or so.  Will took this photo while driving.  That's safe and legal right???  And talented.
Mile 1- 9:53
Mile 2- 9:59
Mile 3- 9:40
Mile 4- 9:48
Mile 5- 10:56 (my feet had gone numb so I had to stop and loosen my shoelaces- DOH!)
Mile 6- 9:54 (started not feeling very good at this point)

I saw Will and the kids again around mile 6 and I was eating pretzels.  I was feeling kind of ill at that point since we had been in the beating down sun the entire time.  I was trying to get my stomach to stop feeling yucky.
I was starting to overheat.  You can see how red my face was.  The hug from Devan helped!
Mile 7- 11:11
Mile 8- 10:46
Mile 9- 11:09
Mile 10- 15:08 (had to make a bathroom pit stop.  I felt really sick, dizzy and terrible.  I was worried)
Mile 11- 10:47
Mile 12- 10:44
I was laughing here because Devan hugged me then said "EEEWWW, you are all wet!" this was mile 12
There was a bit of shade miles 11-12 and in the bathroom there had been a sink so I had rinsed my face and doused my arm sleeves with cold water.  I managed to lower my body temperature a bit and started feeling better.  I was taking 2 water cups and a Gatorade at each water station, dumping one on me and drinking the other 2.
And I was off again.  The guy in the white shirt is the same one from my starting photo.  He was taking photos while running- backwards at times.  That is some serious talent!
Mile 13- 11:34
Mile 14- 11:41
Mile 15- 11:27
Mile 16- 11:19
Mile 17- 13:17 (this is where the hills started and I did a bit of walking up them)
Mile 18- 11:31

I remember thinking somewhere around mile 18 that I was going to finish.  I could do this, I only had 8 miles left.  No problem.  I couldn't keep track of my fueling so I just kept forcing myself to eat things that were in my pockets to keep my energy up.   
My cheering squad at mile 20.  Sarah, Devan, Niko and Jaime (Will taking the photo).  They were amazing, I was so thankful to keep seeing them all over the place.
Mile 19- 11:10
Mile 20- 12:19
Mile 21- 13:47 (downhill was just as hard as uphill!  thought I might just tumble down it)
Mile 22- 10:46 (got a second wind here apparently)
Mile 23- 11:07 (at this point, walking was harder than running.  seriously!)
Mile 24- 11:32
Mile 25- 11:12
Mile 26- 10:12 (had to finish strong.  well, as much as I could muster)
Jaime, myself and Devan running at mile 20

Heading to the finish line! 
Official chip time- 4:56:23
Whatever, I RAN A MARATHON!  I did it.  Me.  It was hard and at times I wanted to quit, but I didn't.  I finished.  I am proud of myself.  I pushed myself harder than I ever have before and I succeeded.
Trying to eat some yogurt before my massage.  It wasn't tasting all that great.
Oh, and you didn't think I ran all that way without getting at least a couple of war wounds did you???  Here is proof of what water, sweat and 5 hours of running can do in the chaffing department!!!  I guess I shouldn't complain because other than this my only other "injury" was two water blisters on my pinky toes. 

Can you say OUCH?  Holy cow, this stung so bad in the shower I had to cover it with a wash cloth.  The other arm has it too, just not quite as bad.


  1. Congratulations, you did so awesome. I'm very proud of you.

  2. You did it!! You should be so proud of yourself, those pits do look painful though!

  3. Congrats! YOU, all by yourself finished a marathon. In the heat, 26.2 mile! That is freaking hard. I know! I have learned it is definetly a distance to respect.

    I love the pic with you Dev and Jaime!

    Chaffing is not fun. Aquafor helped mine.