15 June 2011

I Liked It!

My new zensah compression calf sleeves for when I run in my Merrell's (I don't like to wear socks with them)!  Love them so far, they are very comfortable.
Today I made my first attempt at a "track" workout.  I want to start incorporating some speedwork into my weekly routine just to see what these legs are capable of, and apparently this is an effective way to do it.  I probably should do some research and find a few specific workouts to do, but for today I just winged it. 

I left the house and ran down to the junior high track, warming up for about 1.5 miles or so, then took an easy lap around the track.  I wasn't sure it was a 400 meter lap, but my Garmin assured me it was.  Sweet!  I then ran 5x400 as fast as I could go, with a recovery lap in between.  Then I ran back home, which is pretty much a steady climb the entire mile.  I am not techy enough to know what my lap times were using my garmin, but my run was 5.05 miles in 45 minutes for a pace of 9:03 overall. 

I liked the speed work.  It made the time go by pretty fast, and it was actually kind of fun.  I wore my Merrell Pace Gloves (without socks) and they seemed to be the perfect track type shoe.  I felt like throwing up a few times, and at the end my lungs burned a bit and my muscles were tired.  I also took a boxing class this morning so it was my second workout for the day.  I am trying to do as many double workouts as possible to prepare for the Ragnar Relay next month.  I am looking forward to this new type of run on Wednesdays!


  1. What track did you go to? I am always looking for good options around our area.

  2. Pretty compression sleeves! I just got my first pair of compression socks.

  3. @Jackson- I used the track at Mason Middle School off of Proctor. @Christy- Thanks! I just love compression socks, they make my calves happy :)

  4. I can't believe I agreed to run with you on Wednesday, what was I thinking?!? Of course I won't be keeping up, but still!