22 July 2010

flexible determination

For me to do what I am doing (working, being a mom and training for a half marathon) it is an added bonus that I have "flexible determination" because otherwise I would have definitely skipped my run today.

I am following a 12 week coaching plan with the Nike+ website for my upcoming half marathon.  I am really happy with the Nike+, I started using it from the beginning and it seems to do everything I need it to.  It is a sensor I put in my shoe, which sends data to my ipod about my pace, time, distance and calories burned.  It also downloads into the Nike website so I can actually look back and see EVERY single run I have done.  Which is really cool and a nice way to measure progress.  The only down side is that it seems to not calibrate as accurately as I would like, no matter what I do.  But it is close, and that is all that matters to me.  Which is why you will find me going just a bit over what I am scheduled to do, just to be sure I am actually putting in all the miles it is telling me to- I don't want to be cheating myself! 

Anyways, this morning my "coach" said I should do a 6 mile tempo workout.  Tempo workouts are basically speed intervals- go as fast as you can maintain for a certain distance then recover.  I was to do 1-2 miles of easy running followed by 5x800 meters at tempo effort then 4x200 meters at a fast effort with 1-3 minute recovery between intervals.  My game plan- wake up early and take the kids to the park by 8:30am so I could run this around an outdoor track before it got busy and I became the crazy running mom not watching her kids properly. 

I didn't set an alarm, just naturally woke up around 7:45am- perfect!  So I head out to the living room and the kids are still in bed.  REALLY???  I put on my running clothes, eat a banana because I am starving and figure I could use a little extra energy for the run.  Maybe I can pack a "picnic" breakfast for the kids and still get to the park on time!!  That will be fun for them!  My son finally wakes up around 8:10am so I fix him some oatmeal really quick.  8:40am- daughter is still sleeping.  I am losing my momentum.  She finally wakes up at 9:15am, I made her a bagel and went and hopped on my treadmill before I completely lost all desire to run.  I know I make it seem as though I hate treadmill running, and it is completely boring- but I really LOVE my treadmill.  Honestly.  And I think it loves me too. 

Apparently I had a little pent up energy because I ran my first mile easy then ran the next 5 at my tempo effort without needing recovery time.  And I did the 4x200 meters on a level 8 somewhere in miles 3 and 4.  I felt much better at the end of that run!!!!

Total distance: 6.17 miles  Total time:  54:32

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  1. Started a blog eh Runner Girl!?:) Looks good. Do you even have time to add another activity to your schedule!??

    Im glad someone is "determined"...heck I get up at 1040...and roll over and sleep for another hour!

    Keep on running!