27 July 2010

It's Official

Today I went to Fleet Feet Sports in Bonney Lake and officially registered for my next race.  I will be running the inaugural You Go Girl half marathon on September 26th, 2010.  The course is downtown Tacoma so I am exited to be racing on what is familiar territory for me.  Also, a portion of the proceeds from this race will benefit the YWCA of Pierce County, so I am happy to be supporting something that is important to our community.  If you would like more information about this race here is the website:


We also have another racer in the family now- my daughter wanted me to sign her up for the You Go Little Girl 1K kids run taking place that same day.  She amazes me every single day.  My timid, shy, quiet baby girl is a soccer superstar and now wants to run in a race.  She is growing up fast.  Someday we will be racing together!

So yesterday my hubby stayed home from work.  I saw that as the perfect opportunity to go for an early outdoor run even though I was technically scheduled to run today.  I headed down to the Ruston waterfront for my 6 mile tempo run around 8:30am.  The sun was out and it was a beautiful morning.  Warm but not too hot.  I was thinking how lucky I am to have such fantastic places to run, Tacoma is such an awesome city! So different from last Saturday.  Amazing how different running can be when you prepare for it properly! 

I parked at the far end closest to the tunnel and decided to start there.  I ran the full length at what I call my "run forever" pace.  Just nice and easy.  When I got to the end it was only about 2.25 miles.  Uh oh, I thought it was closer to 3.  Hmmmm...how to make up an extra mile?  So I ran my tempo pace on the way back, running up and down all the piers and around the loops to try add distance.  I didn't do too bad, when I got back to where I started I was 1/2 mile short.  So I turned around and passed all the people I had just ran past.  Ran 1/4 of a mile.  Then, turned around and full on SPRINTED past them all again back to the finish.  Haha, I always wonder what people think when I do weird stuff like that. 

Total Distance:  6.03 miles  Total Time:  54:54

**Happy Birthday to my friend Kerry today**Here is a list of my favorite things about her**

1.  My kids LOVE her.  She lets them play with all of her really cool toys.  And she has COOL toys
2.  She is married to, and perfectly complements, my best friend.  And keeps her happy and sane.
3.  She is easygoing and always pleasant
4.  She is generous and giving
5.  She is a die hard Storm fan

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