28 July 2010

New Shoes and Sugar Free Fudgesicles

I finally got my new running shoes delivered today.  AFTER I did my run of course, so I will test them out tomorrow.  I have close to 250 miles in my old ones but I have realized that I need to go up a 1/2 size.  I am one of those people whose second (and third) toes are longer than my big toe so what is happening is those toes are being slammed into the top of my shoes and they are not happy about it.  So hopefully this will solve the problem and my toenails can go back to normal.  Thank goodness for nail polish!!!! 

After a quick lunch with my mom today for her birthday (which is Saturday) I decided to stop at a shoe store to see about some heels to wear out in Seattle on Friday night.  My children were really excited for some reason and decided they both needed new shoes as well.  So while I shopped they tried on some shoes too.  I found a pair I liked and went to see what the rugrats were up to.  I was thinking if they found some sandals I would get them a pair for summer.  Instead they were picking out "back to school" type shoes so I told them no.  They would just destroy them before school started and we could come back in a couple of weeks to get their new shoes.  They asked me over and over again-which drives me crazy-and I just kept saying no.  Which was kind of satisfying.  My kids are not spoiled but sometimes it is just good for them to know that just because we are at a store does not mean they get to have something. 

I got home from work tonight and my hubby informed me that I am now, in the words of my daughter, "evil" because I wouldn't buy them shoes today.  And I got TWO new pairs today!!!  That just makes me laugh.  I'm ok with that- I am evil!  Or just a mom who says no and then sticks to it.  With new running shoes and cute heels for Friday night LOL! 

I ran a quick 3 miles this morning.  Literally.  I think it might be the fastest I have ever ran 3 miles.  I ran on my treadmill of course, and without my knee brace.  I wear a patella tendon (jumpers knee) brace most of the time since I had an injury last spring.  It seems to help and I am nervous that if I stop wearing it my knee will start hurting again.  But once in a while I leave it off just to see what happens.  Today it felt great, even with the speedwork I did.

Total distance:  3.05 Miles  Total Time:  26:20

By the way, who ever invented sugar free fudgesicles is my new favorite person.  I am a little addicted to chocolate but am also very calorie conscious.  They are the perfect cure for my sweet tooth on these hot days, and they have like 40 calories.  I can even have 2 and not feel guilty.  Hooray!

Also, I just want to add a thank you to those who are following my blog and/or have left comments.  It is nice to have some feedback!!!  And for those of you whose blogs I follow I promise to start leaving comments for you more often.  Especially to my BFF- sorry!!!  I get it now!  I will show some blog love from now on.

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  1. Ha ha, glad you now recognize the importance of acceptance via the "blog comments". Sort of weird, but also nice and validating. Who knew?!?!