23 July 2010


Did I mention that I also play soccer?  I gathered all the friends I knew who wanted to play (which by the way is like 20 people!!!!  how cool is that?) and formed a team.  We are the Justice League.  We are the opposite of undefeated- as in we have lost every game- but it is fun and good exercise.  It is a coed league and the teams we are paired with have been playing together for YEARS, so they are really good.  And most of our players have never even played soccer.  Like me.  So we are learning and getting our butts handed to us on a silver platter every week. 

We had a game tonight and there was this guy on their team who was a real jerk.  He was #8 which makes me mad because that is my favorite number.  He was standing about 5 feet away from me, looked straight into my face and kicked the ball as hard as he could.  All I could do in reaction was put my hand up because I really thought it was going to hit my face but it hit my pinky finger so hard it was numb.  I even yelled at him which is not typical of me.  Then he did it a couple more times, just kicking the ball really hard straight at me.  I did not like him one little bit.  Anyways, we lost horribly like 2-12.  I took about 3 shots on goal but didn't score.  Bummer.  Great workout though, played all but maybe 8-10 minutes of the whole game.

Today was a mellow day at home.  The family was supposed to head out camping this afternoon but there was an injury (brother in law) while setting up camp last night which resulted in a quick visit to the hospital and a resulting torn/pulled quad.  Ouch. 

Tonight while putting my son to bed for some reason we were talking about yogurt.  His favorite is vanilla and strawberry.  I told him when I was a kid my favorites were lemon and cherry.  He asked who bought them for me and I said my mom did- you know, your grandma.  He looked at me with big serious eyes and said "when you were a little kid, grandma was your mom?"  I just giggled and said yes, and she is still my mom!!!  I could see him trying to process that one, but he seemed to understand.  Oh, kids are so funny sometimes.  Thank you mom for buying me lemon and cherry yogurt when I was a little kid :)

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