29 August 2010


Aaaaahhhhhh....I just had one of the best, most relaxing, busy and fun weekends ever.  It started last Wednesday at 9:30pm and ended abruptly at 5:30am this morning.  But in between was FANTASTIC!

Jaime and Kerry took the kids for us so we could enjoy some "adult" time for our anniversary, and it was the best present ever.  Thank you guys soooo much, the kids had a blast.  It is so nice to have people you can trust to leave your kids with and just know they are fine- having so much fun they can't even remember who their parents are.  I can't even remember the last time we had 3 (yes 3!) nights without children to tend to.  No work, no children, just time to relax and do whatever WE wanted to do. 

Thursday was our 10 year anniversary and we decided to spend it up in Seattle, wandering around Pike's Place and all over downtown.  The weather was really cold but otherwise it was a great day.  I forgot the camera at home (bummer) so there aren't any pictures of me riding on the pig or tossing salmon in the air.  Sorry about that!  We are not big gift exchangers, it just isn't really our thing.  Our present to each other is an upcoming trip to Maui set for mid November, and spending quality time together (which we rarely get).  It was the perfect day. 

Friday was the day I decided to do my long run for the week, which was a 12 miler again.  Will decided he wanted to join in- by riding a bike next to me while I ran.  Okie dokie, lets give it a whirl!  He really wanted to go over the bridge since he still hadn't been over it other than in a car.  So off we went, and it went surprisingly well.  I was worried I would be so slow that he would have to go way ahead of me all the time, but that didn't really happen.  We stopped at the top of the bridge where some nice lady riding her bike stopped to snap a few pictures of us.  Will continued riding a bit ahead and taking pictures of me running which was kind of comical- I thought he was going to crash right into the barrier.  He was also able to experience my lovely "hill from hell" and agreed it is definitely misleading just to look at it.  I again ran the entire way up it.  Now that I have done it twice I guess I know I am capable of it so no more wimping out and walking up it for me!  The long runs are getting a lot easier and I can recover from them much quicker now, which is an amazing feeling.

Top of the Narrows Bridge
Me coming up the top of the hill from hell.  That is the international
sign for "stop taking pictures of me!"

After our grand adventure we got cleaned up and headed to go play some pool.  I won every single game, which never happens!  For some reason I had some good aim that day.  Then it was time to head to Gig Harbor for our soccer game.  First I stopped into Route 16 (a running store in GH) and registered myself for the 10 Mile Over the Narrows Run  coming up next Saturday on September 4th.  It is the inaugural race and isn't chip timed but still sounds like a great run.  A couple of friends will be running this with me- Alyssa (her first race) and Cynthia, so that will be fun. 

Friday was also the first game of our next adult soccer season.  We have officially split into two teams- The Justice League and The Legion of Doom.  Several of us are playing on both teams, including Will and myself.  Go figure, our first game we were scheduled to play each other and then just barely had enough players to have 2 teams!  But it was a good game, and I have the bruises to prove it!  Legion of Doom won, but I don't think the teams were split too evenly (thanks Brian!)  This is going to be a great season and I am excited to have a lot more playtime.  Here is my dilemma- maybe you guys can help me.  We got our game schedule and usually we play on Fridays.  Well, of course we got scheduled 2 Saturday games on September 25th- the night before my big half marathon.  What do I do????  Play soccer or not that night?  Play one game?  Both?  Neither?  hmmmm....

Saturday morning we got up bright and early to go get the kids.  My daughter played her first real soccer tournament that day and we had to be at the field in Puyallup by 9:15am.  We got there at 9:30am- not too shabby haha!  The Hot Tamales were scheduled to play at 10, 11 and 2pm so the schedule was actually really good.  The girls played amazingly well- they swept the tournament and won all 3 of their games.  It was so awesome to watch them play together so perfectly, and the looks on their faces after the third game when they realized they had won AGAIN was priceless.  Great big smiles on every one of their little faces.  Final stats over the 3 games- Hot Tamales scored 11 goals (my daughter made 1) and they only let the other teams score 4 goals total.  Simply amazing, and well earned.  These girls have played hard all year long.
Taking the ball down the field during game #3

The "assistant" coaches
My little superstar

The Hot Tamale champions getting their final stats

After the games we ended up over at one of the families houses, drinking beer and bbqing while the kids played and swam in the pool.  The girls also put on a little skit imitating what it looks like from their perspective while the parents stand on the sidelines yelling at them to "shoot it", "go that way", "run" etc which had us laughing so hard tears were streaming down our faces.  We tossed the football around- yes I am aware I throw like a girl!  But, I can throw better than some boys, so there!  Fun times, great friends.  Loooonnnnnngggg day, I was wiped out by the time we got home and actually went to bed and fell asleep at 10:15pm.  But I am recharged and rejuvenated.  Just what the doctor ordered!

Total Distance:  12.75 miles (closer to 12)  Total Time:  2:05:38  (slightly skewed due to me forgetting to pause my ipod at stoplights.  oh well!)

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