18 November 2010

All the Crazy People Love Shave Ice

November 13th, 2010
Day 5

Today we headed towards Kahului to go to the swap meet. I have fond memories of the Honolulu swap meet from visiting Will’s brother many years ago so I thought the kids would enjoy it. There were tons of booths set up and we bought a whole coconut and drank the milk, then had it cut open and ate the fruit. Devan loved it. Niko thought it was disgusting. It was probably the hottest day since we have arrived, which cut down a bit on the fun factor, but we got some shave ice and sat in the shade to enjoy it. We also picked up some local produce and Devan found a cute dress she liked.

After that we headed down the road to Pa’ai. This is a small, quirky little town – the name itself means loud. We were all pretty hungry so we headed to Mana Foods to grab some lunch. This is kind of like a whole foods store but the prices are great and the selection is amazing. We did a bit of shopping there and scored some fresh sashimi grade ahi tuna that had been caught that morning. We wandered around town a bit more and decided it was time to head back to the condo for the day. It was definitely a colorful, eclectic town and I can’t wait to stop by there once more when we do the road to Hana next week.

When we got back we headed down to the pool for a quick dip in the water. I have been getting my daily exercise through swimming laps. Today I decided I should count them and see how many I was doing. I think I did 20- I lost count a bit but I swam for about 45 minutes. Niko finally figured out how to swim around with his floaty vest on so he is much more manageable down there, which is nice.

For dinner tonight we cut up all the fresh foods we bought throughout the day. A huge avocado, a tomato, the ahi tuna and some star fruit and pineapple. I made some brown rice cous cous to go with it and it was wonderful. I chased it down with a Kona Brewing Company Pipeline Porter. The end of another day in paradise!

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