20 November 2010

Mai Tai's Make Everything Better!

November 15th, 2010
Day 7

Today we had a mellow day at the beach planned so we got ourselves all packed up and headed down to Ka’anapali Beach. It was pretty early still so we were able to find a good parking spot and a prime location on the beach. We were on the opposite side of the black rock this time and there was lots of snorkeling going on. There were tons of fish swimming all over just off the shore break so we tried to make use of the waterproof case our friend Mandy was kind enough to let us borrow.  I guess it was easiest to take pictures of ourselves LOL!  We never ended up renting snorkel gear so we just goofed around with the goggles mostly.  Devan and I apparently have an aversion to swimming with fish- we both just pretended they weren't there. 
It was difficult to take the pictures without proper snorkel gear!

We hung out on the beach for a couple of hours and swam, relaxed and played in the sand. Then we headed down the  boardwalk to get some frozen yogurt. It was REALLY far away, much farther than I had figured in my head. We probably walked for close to an hour, and the whole time I was trying to keep the sun off of my chest and neck. I could feel that my sunburn was returning, no matter how much sunscreen I kept applying. My skin is just really sensitive, this happened the last time I was in Hawaii too. At least the kids seem to be immune to the sun- they must have Will’s skin. Which is a good thing because boy oh boy was I uncomfortable!

We went to yogurtland (the kids’ new favorite place) for a cool treat, then I went in search of a swim shirt. I found one at Volcom for $19 and it was the best money I have spent yet. That shirt saved my life and I may just end up wearing it the rest of the trip. It covered the majority of the spot that was getting burned and was really comfortable to wear. I was able to head back out onto the beach and enjoy the rest of the afternoon!
Will headed back for the car after a bit while we played in the water so we all did have to make the long trek back.  He picked us up and we headed back to the condo to get cleaned up for a late lunch/early dinner at the Aloha Mixed Plate that has such rave reviews.  "Paper plate meets million dollar view" says the New York Times.  And we agreed with those reviews 100%! Fast, great service with local food (huge portions), cheap drinks and an awesome view of the ocean. PERFECT!!! We ordered a bit of everything and shared it. I really liked the Laulau and the Shoyu Chicken and Devan seemed to like the coconut prawns. The Mai Tai’s were fantastic- I could have sat and drank those all night long!!  They even made me forget how bad my sunburn was feeling!  http://www.alohamixedplate.com/ -Yum!

We headed back to the condo after dinner and just relaxed and had a mellow evening which is nice- we don’t always get to have a lot of family time when we are at home. This vacation is just what we needed! Tomorrow- a trip to Hana!

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