26 November 2010

Hey Runner Girl, Are You Ever Going to RUN????

Ok, back to reality in Tiffanyland.  Today is Friday so you know what that means...weigh in day.  But first, lets analyze my last 3 weeks.  Number of times I have been to the gym- 0.  Days I was out of state on vacation, drinking too many mai tai's- 11.  And to top it off, yesterday was Thanksgiving- and dinner was delicious (and so was my favorite part, the pumpkin pie)!!!  I was really nervous to step on that scale.  What if all my previous hard work was for nothing??? 

Friday, November 26th
Total weight (on home scale)- 151.7
***Last weigh in (at the gym)- 152 (11/3)***

Folks, what we have here is a freaking miracle!  I guess I have a pretty good grasp on calorie counting, that is all I can say.  So there you have it- proof you can go on vacation and not gain weight!  Sweet.

I have also started getting questions about my running from people.  When is my next race?  How was running in Hawaii?  Did you run that race while you were there?  So here is the deal.  I have taken a break from running.  The last time I ran was actually October 17th.  I did an 8 mile run and it put me over 500 miles since I started running last January.  My cardio was great the entire run, however my knee was killing me.  And not my usual knee either, but my left knee of all things.  And my right achilles also seemed to keep hurting with every run and soccer game.  I was falling apart!  So I just quietly stopped running and waited for my body to heal. 

So to answer all of those questions, I did not run in Hawaii.  I swam and hiked a lot though.  And I do not have any races on my schedule officially.  I will probably do a Christmas fun run and some other small races that pop up in the next few months.  The sad news is that I am losing my racing partner Cynthia.  At some point in the next month or two she is moving back to Boise (Gene accepted a job there) so I am currently in the market for a new racing buddy.  I am trying not to think about that too much though, it makes me really sad that they are moving.

Cynthia and I about to run our first race together
Here is my main agenda.  I am going to run the North Olympic Discovery Marathon on June 5th, 2011.  I will start my 6 month training program on December 6th and I am going to do all of it in my Vibram Five Fingers.  So the other good part about taking such a big break from running is that I feel like I can start fresh with a new way of running- minimalistic.  Running in VFF's is supposed to decrease injuries and allow for better form.  This week I will wear them around while I exercise and probably around the house just to get my feet used to them.  I am excited to see how this transforms my running.

I have not yet decided on what training program to follow.  I have always used Nike plus, however I am considering getting a Garmin to track my progress instead.  If anyone has some suggestions about a great training program or tracking device let me know!  Tomorrow I am going to play soccer, then Monday back to the gym!  All the crazy snow we had last week threw my workout plans right out the window!!!

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  1. Oh I love my Garmin 305. So much so that I'm thinking of buying another so that if/when this one dies, I will be all ready to go.