09 March 2011

All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

Well, I keep seeing this on the blogs I stalk read so here goes.  The ABC's of this runner girl!

(A) Age:  33

(B) Bed Size:  King- I am a wiggler and need my space!

(C) Chore You Hate:  Putting away laundry and folding socks

(D) Dogs?:  A black lab/great dane mix named Casey.  He is 3 1/2 and we love him.  He weighs about 90 pounds and thinks he is a lap dog sometimes.  He can also create bruises with his tail if he is really excited.

(E) Essential Start Your Day Item:  Coffee and facebook.  Don't judge, you know you do it too.

(F) Favorite Color:  Purple.  And Blue. 

(G) Gold or Silver? Silver.  I like gold too.  Yes, I wear both at the same time. 

(H) Height: 5' 3 (and 3/4) I am a shorty.  But my feet are about a 9.5 so I think I was meant to be taller!!!

(I) Instruments You Play:  I can kick some butt at guitar hero.  and that is about it.

(J) Job Title: Shift Supervisor

(K) Kids: Devan (she is 8) and Niko (he is 5)

(L) Live: Tacoma, WA

(M) Mom's Name: Cindy

(N) Nicknames: T, Tiffo, T-dog, Tiff, Marathon girl, TT

(O) Overnight Hospital Stays? Just when I had the kids

(P) Pet Peeve: Lazy people

(Q) Quote from a Movie:  I am not a quote rememberer.  And if you tell me a joke, I will laugh and immediately not be able to retell it.  But if a customer I haven't seen for 3 years walks into my store I will likely remember what drink they will order.  My brain is weird. 

(R) Right or Left Handed? Definitely right

(S) Siblings: One younger brother Patrick

(T) Time You Wake Up? Weekdays- 7:30am, Saturdays usually around 7:30 or 8am, and Sundays at 4:45am for work.  The answer is yes, it freaks my body out every week!  Because my bedtime is always after 1130pm no matter what I do.   

(U) Underwear: hmmm.  yes I wear them.  I have enough to wear a different pair every day for over a month without doing laundry.  I think 99.999% of them are from VS.  And that is all you need to know about my undies!

(V) Vegetable You Dislike:  Eggplant has a weird texture to me

(W) What Makes You Run Late:  It doesn't take much really.  I am kind of a "right on time without a moment to spare" kind of person. 

(X) X-Rays You've Had Done:  Teeth and ultrasound if they even count?

(Y) Yummy Food You Make: I would like to think everything I make is yummy.  The kids tell me I make the best pancakes ever.  I made some fantastic grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup tonight.  I love to cook but I am usually at work during dinner time.  So my specialty these days is breakfast!

(Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: I could watch the monkeys, gibbons, chimps all day long.  And the polar bears.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this. I must say a few of the answers had me laughing :)