05 March 2011

That Was Rad

Beautiful view while I was running today!
 Today was definitely the best 10 mile run I have ever done.  I wore my new shoes, brought my new fancy iphone with me and felt awesome the whole run!  What an amazing feeling.  I even dressed perfectly for the beautiful weather we had, which is a miracle all by itself!  I wasn't too hot or too cold and everything was comfortable.  I also brought my handheld water bottle and a hammer gel along to keep hydrated and energized. 
About to head back over the bridge to Tacoma!
My course was from my house over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and back, which is a tough run due to all of the hill work involved.  It was such a pretty day though and the views while running over the bridge are totally worth it!  Oh well, like I said before it doesn't matter where I go around here, there are hills in all directions so I may as well just get good at running up them!  I ended up running faster than I had intended, but my pace felt really good so I just kept at it.  My time was 1:33 for a 10 mile run which is about a 9:20 pace.  Fast for me! 

Mile 5.5- quick stop for a gel and attempt at taking my own photo!
I think my new shoes are to thank for that, they are extremely comfortable and encourage a light, quick mid to forefoot strike.  I bought the New Balance Minimus Road last week after much research.  I wanted something slightly cushioned yet still very lightweight and minimal.  I admit this was not my first choice but after trying them on and going for a quick jaunt in them down the sidewalk I was sold!  They rock.  LOVE THEM!
My awesome new shoes!

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  1. Awesome!! Love the pics...your to cute. I'm looking for me some new kicks to....I will have to ck these out. They are super cute.