30 March 2011

In Search of Spring Fun

This week my kids are out of school for spring break.  We didn't make any plans to go do anything spectacular like to go Mexico, so day by day we just play it by ear and find something to do.  Yesterday I promised the kids a trip to the park.  It was raining of course but I didn't want that to stop us.  We may never leave the house if that was the case!  I encouraged, suggested and explained why they should wear boots on their feet.  It would be wet.  And muddy.  Did I mention it is raining?  Have you looked outside? 

I put on my rain boots.  Devan put on her old sneakers.  Niko put on his Vans.  As we headed out the door I double checked- are you SURE you are dressed the way you think is best???  Yes mom.  We are sure.  Ok children.  What do I know anyways???  But I believe in allowing them to make their own choices- that is how you learn right?  I think next time they might take my advice.  Maybe.

Thirty seconds after we arrived Niko slipped going down the grass hill and got all wet and muddy.  Both of the kids had wet muddy feet within 5 minutes.  I really wanted to say "I told you so" but then I remembered I am supposed to be the adult.  To their credit, they didn't complain about their wet feet.  Niko did fall one more time and at that point was muddy pretty much from head to toe.  But the flowers were in bloom, and the ducks were cute!  There was even a turtle out on one of the rocks.  I love turtles. 

I have always loved taking pictures.  Photography class was something that was always on my "to do" list- it just never happened for some reason.  I love a great picture and how it can tell a story or conjure up a fond memory, taking you back to a different time.  Or it can simply be something beautiful to look at.  Or just a way to enhance a story (which is how I tend to use my photos).  I wouldn't really call taking pictures a hobby of mine, but it is something I enjoy doing and care about enough to try to improve the quality of the ones I DO take.  Because really, if something is worth doing its worth doing well right?  A friend of mine helped me out a lot by explaining many of the functions on my camera as well as some of the basics to capturing a good photo.  He even did an entire blog post explaining how to use MY camera specifically.  Thanks Ken!  He takes amazing photos- you can check out his blog here:  http://www.razorsharpinsights.blogspot.com/

So here are some photos I took yesterday of our "spring fun" in the mud!

Isn't that tree cool looking?  We were down at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, WA in case you are wondering.  I hope it doesn't rain the entirety of our spring break...but if it does at least we know we won't melt!  I completed a 3 mile run yesterday which put me at 92 miles ran for the month of March so far.  I signed up for a challenge to run 93 miles in March over on daily mile with Tall Mom so I am going to surpass that today- and end up with 103 for the month by tomorrow! 


  1. How fun! This makes me excited for when Addie gets older.

  2. OMG 103 in a month!! That's so awesome! Maybe one day I can get there! :) I'm trying to get better at my pic taking to. I'm the same way, love to do it, but don't know much about it.

  3. Great pictures! We haven't made it out to Pt Defiance in a while. Might try to head out there soon :)